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English Language and Culture Program Courses

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ELCP-040  Community Service

Community activity helping with such programs as assisting in public and private schools, recycling programs, senior care facilities, community clean-up, clothing distribution and food distribution programs. Minimum of 24 hours of service. May be repeated with different content. 1 credit. (EL) $40 fee.

ELCP-095  Individualized Study

Development of reading, writing, and listening skills through a program of self-access assignments specifically selected to meet the individual's needs. Schedule of supervised work and individual tutoring. 1-2 credits

ELCP-100  Introductory Listening/speaking

An intensive course in functional English for ELCP students to facilitate integration into the community and preparation for academic study. Includes dialogs, role-plays, dictation, pronunciation practice, and presentation skills. 4 credits.

ELCP-101  Intermediate Academic Listening/ Speaking

Development of listening and speaking skills enabling students to function effectively in an academic setting. Includes pair/group discussions, taking notes, lecture cues, pronunciation practice, and presentation skills for different types of presentation including informative, comparative, and argumentative. 4 credits.

ELCP-102  Advanced Academic Listening/speaking

Continuation of 101 to prepare students for success in academic courses. Participation in whole class/small group discussions of current issues. Includes taking notes, writing from notes, vocabulary development, taking dictation, pronunciation practice, and research-based presentations. 4 credits.

ELCP-103  English Pronunciation

An intensive course in pronunciation of American English. Development of accent modification techniques which result in increased intelligibility. Special emphasis is placed on auditory discrimination, correct pronunciation of English speech sounds, complete word production, stress and intonation patterns. Exercises tailored to individual student's speech patterns with targeted feedback using Compton P-ESL methodology to achieve desired outcomes. 3 credits.

ELCP-111  Introduction To College Reading

Intermediate level reading course enabling students to become independent readers. Student selection of reading materials: fiction and non-fiction. Linked activities focusing on summary writing, vocabulary development, oral reports, and group discussions. 4 credits

ELCP-112  Advanced College Reading and Critical Thinking Skills

Advanced reading skills course to develop students' critical thinking and discussion skills in preparation for academic course work. Reading linked to formal/informal writing projects. 4 credits

ELCP-120  Introduction To Academic Writing

Focus on academic writing skills to plan and prepare well-organized, coherent, and grammatically accurate paragraphs and essays. Development of editing skills through peer editing tasks and meetings with a writing assistant. 4 credits

ELCP-121  Intermediate Academic Writing

Focus on academic writing skills to plan and prepare well-organized, coherent, and grammatically accurate essays. Introduction to the basics of research paper writing. Further development of editing skills; regular meetings with a writing assistant. Prerequisite: Completion of ELCP 120 with a grade of C or above or permission of ELCP Coordinator. 4 credits.

ELCP-122  Research Paper Writing

Focus on academic research paper writing including: topic development, research, paraphrase and synthesis skills, advanced grammatical structures, and documentation styles leading to the final preparation and oral presentation of the paper. Prerequisite: Completion of ELCP 121 with a grade of C or above or permission of ELCP Coordinator. 4 credits.

ELCP-123  Intermediate Grammar

Intermediate level course focusing on the creation and recognition of grammatical structures with emphasis on academic language. Appropriate usage of targeted grammatical forms demonstrating both accuracy and fluency in academic writing and speaking. 2 credits.

ELCP-124  Advanced Grammar

Advanced level course focusing on grammatical structures and conventions commonly used in academic essay writing; analysis and practice of grammar rules and conventions; identification of differences between spoken and written English; development of academic vocabulary. Prerequisite: 121 or 122 or consent of instructor. 2 credits

ELCP-150  Academic and Experiential Encounters In The United States

An introduction for international students to living, studying, and working in the United States. Skills development in independent living in a new culture. Focus on cross-cultural relationship building, problem solving, written and verbal communication in the work place including accent/dialect comprehension. Preparation of individual/group presentations and a research paper. Offered January term. 4 credits

ELCP-160  Thematic Topics

Integration of all language skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) in a content theme such as American Culture and the Community, Discovering American Cultures through film. May be repeated with different content. 4 credits (US)

ELCP-170  Readings In Literature

An introduction to reading and writing about literature for non-native speakers of English students. Study of literary genres: short story, poetry, and novel. Focus on creative writing projects and formal analysis essays. 4 credits (CS)

ELCP-180  TOEIC Preparation

Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) preparation. An intensive preparation course for the TOEIC test. Focus on building vocabulary, learning the structure and directions of the TOEIC, learning to discriminate between test answer choices, and practicing English in practical day to day situations in the inter- national workplace setting. 2 credits

ELCP-190  Advanced Academic Skills

Study of language and learning skills for advanced ELCP students simultaneously enrolled in a particular academic content course in another department. Intensive study of the language used in the content material through linked reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. May be repeated with different content. 3 credits

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