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Student in labWhat does the program cost?

To participate, only a $50 deposit to hold your spot is required. All other expenses are covered! This includes housing, three meals a day, and transportation during the program, and all other activities for the entire week. Scholarships are available for those students with financial need. If you are accepted, you will be notified of where to send your deposit.

Where will participants live during the week?

Students will move directly into their Fall housing assignment at the beginning of the week. Students will not have to move again.

When will applicants be notified?

Applicants will be notified by July 15th as to whether they have been accepted into the program.  Look for an e-mail! At that time, we will let you know where to send your deposit, a packing list, when to arrive, and more information.  Please do not make your travel arrangements prior to receiving notification of your acceptance.

I am an athlete, can I apply to participate?

New students who are trying out for athletics for fall sports at Linfield are not able to participate in this program due to overlap of schedules.   

Does applying to the program mean that I will be accepted as an iFOCUS participant?

Due to the program's current capacity and limited space in research laboratories, iFOCUS has a limited number of participant slots available.  

Are there other opportunities to get involved at Linfield regardless of my acceptance into iFOCUS?

Absolutely! Linfield Science majors participate in a wide variety of research and science experiences.  Look for Department Open Houses during the first semester, announcements for Thursday afternoon Science Colloquium meetings, and many more opportunities.

What will we do during the program?

Below is a tentative schedule for the iFOCUS program

Friday, August 15th                      

  • Arrive and unpack
  • Parent Orientation and Student Orientation Events organized by Linfield College Student Affairs
  • Dinner for students
  • Evening activities organized by Peer Mentors

Saturday, August 16th – Monday August 18th    

  • Lab Safety Training
  • Research Projects
  • Discussions of research opportunities at Linfield College, challenges in interdisciplinary science, and career options

Tuesday, August 19th  – Wednesday August 20th       

  • Tide pooling and marine experiments at the Oregon Coast
  • Group campout at the Oregon Coast     

Thursday, August 21st

  • Poster presentations
  • Join the campus move in day process in the afternoon

Friday, August 22nd

  • New Student Orientation for all new students

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the iFOCUS program or about your application, please contact Dr. Anne Kruchten at