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Program Information

Student in lab

What will we do during the program?

Below is a tentative schedule for the 2015 iFOCUS program

Friday August 21st               

  • Arrive and unpack
  • Parent Orientation and Student Orientation Events organized by Linfield College Student Affairs
  • Dinner for students
  • Evening activities organized by Peer Mentors

Saturday August 22nd - Monday August 24th

  • Lab Safety Training
  • Research Projects
  • Discussions of research opportunities at Linfield College, challenges in interdisciplinary science, and career options

Tuesday August 25th - Wednesday August 26th

  • Tide pooling and marine experiments at the Oregon Coast
  • Group campout at the Oregon Coast     

Thursday August 27th

  • Poster presentations
  • Join the campus move in day process in the afternoon

Friday August 28th

  • New Student Orientation for all new students

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the iFOCUS program or about your application, please contact iFOCUS Progam Assistant Gina Castillo at