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Interdisciplinary First year Orientation Camp for Undergraduate Sciences

Green LaserStart your Linfield Science Career with an interdisciplinary hands-on laboratory and field experience.  August 15th – 20st, 2014

What is iFOCUS?

Science is becoming more and more interdisciplinary in nature.  The most pressing problems in biomedical, physical, and environmental sciences demand interdisciplinary solutions.

Students graduating with degrees in science must be prepared to tackle problems such as protein folding, energy issues, and climate change.  To do this, students need to learn to approach problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

The iFOCUS program is your opportunity to work with Linfield College faculty and student researchers before classes begin and learn about science across the traditional science disciplines of biology, chemistry, math and physics at Linfield.

Why should you apply?

During the iFOCUS program, you will have an opportunity to get started on your science education early and hit the ground running when classes begin.  By arriving on campus just six days early, you will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in interdisciplinary research projects and gain hands on experience with laboratory and field techniques
  • engage with student peer mentors
  • be mentored by Linfield science faculty
  • hear about career opportunities in the sciences
  • become part of an interdisciplinary science community at Linfield College

Apply today!