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Performance Management & Recognition Forms and Tools:

This page is designed to assist you in making a smooth transition into our new pay-for-performance process. Below you will find a compilation of links to the required forms as well as instructions for those forms and optional tools.

Evaluation Forms:

Employee Self-Evaluation Form
This form is used by employees to evaluate their own performance. It is to be completed and turned into their supervisor before the formal appraisal (Annual Employee Performance Review Form) is completed by the supervisor.

Annual Employee Performance Review Instructions
These instructions are designed to help a supervisor through the process of completing the Annual Employee Performance Review. We recommend reviewing the instructions before starting the performance reviews.

Annual Employee Performance Review Form
Supervisors, this form is actually a year-long tool.  Complete Phase I to set goals for the upcoming fiscal year with your employee; Use Phase II to keep tabs on the progress made on goals throughout the year; Phase III is the part of the form used to evaluate job performance and goal attainment for the year. 

REMEMBER:  We are only completing Phase III of the form at this time.  This is to review performance for FY2012-13.  We will start a new “Annual Employee Performance Review Form” later this summer (2013) to set the goals for FY2013-14. That is when we will begin to implement all three phases.

Performance Management Tools:

Performance Management Training Video - Manager
Watch this training video if you directly supervise other staff (excluding student employees). Log in using your Cat Net ID and password.
                  Performance Management Manager Training Guide
                  This guide is best used in conjunction with the Manager Training Video above.

Performance Management Training Video - Employee
Watch this training video if you do not directly supervise any employee(s). Log in using your Cat Net ID and password.
                  Performance Management Employee Training Guide
                  This guide is best used in conjunction with the Employee Training Video above.

Competency Descriptions
Full descriptions of each competency. Includes examples of what it means to over-use or need development on a competency.

Competency Development Guide
Provides suggestions and ideas that will assist all employees (non-exempt, exempt, and supervisory staff) as they work on creating their development plans.

Classification Descriptions
Classification Descriptions are broader than specific job descriptions and explain the type of work typically performed by jobs within that title.  It describes work of a similar level and nature, requiring similar level of experience and education, and generally encompasses the work of several people. Supervisors should refer to their staffs' correct classification description when determining essential job functions.

Notable Performance Form
This optional form is a personal tool for a supervisor to record when an employee exhibits notable performance, whether positive or negative, throughout the year.  Be sure to note the conversation you had with that employee at the time. These can serve as a valuable resource when completing the annual review form. 

Employees, this form is for you, too.  Consider recording your accomplishments and challenges throughout the year.  The information will be helpful when you complete your next self-evaluation.

Performance Management Tracking Spreadsheet
Supervisors, this optional form is an excellent tool for scheduling and tracking check-ins and meetings with each employee in one place. Some of the cells are shaded for your convenience to know in what months these meetings and check-ins should be performed.  Create a new tab (worksheet) for each employee.

Employee Performance Summary Report

Supervisors will use this tool to summarize basic information and rationale for their evaluation of each employee’s performance.  The form is submitted by the supervisor to his or her up-line manager (that is, the supervisor’s supervisor ).  That manager will give his/her support or ask for further clarification.  Once consensus is reached, directors will submit a combined departmental report to his or her division Vice President.  Upon the Vice President’s approval, performance review conversations can be held with each employee.

Strategic Plan and Core Themes
2012-2018 Linfield College Strategic Plan and Core Themes. Tools for developing individual or departmental goals.