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Performance Management & Recognition System

In 2013, a team of Linfield colleagues, representing a cross-section of exempt and non-exempt staff from the DCE, Portland and McMinnville campuses, became intricately involved in developing Linfield's new performance management and recognition system. Their goal was to develop a pay-for-performance system that reflected Linfield's values, supported the strategic plan and core themes, and enhanced Linfield as an employer and educational instituation of choice.

Now, after numerous discussions and work sessions, a new system has been created that links:

     - what we do to our strategic plan;
     - how we do it with the values of our organization, and
     - ensures a fair and equitable workplace where every employee is recognized for their contribution.

Performance management and recognition training is being offered in June and July of 2013 with the understanding that performance will impact pay beginning July of 2014. Resources from that training are now offered here so that all staff are clear about the process, timing, and overall expectations of the new system.