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Leaves of Absence

Certain life events such as an employee's illness or injury, a dependent's or close family member's serious illness, or the birth or adoption of a child are particularly significant and may require an employee to be off work for an extended length of time.

Employees are required to submit a Leave of Absence Request to Human Resources when applying for a leave of absence.  Other documentation may be required.

Types of Leave

Oregon Family Medical Leave

  • Your own serious health condition
  • The birth of your child, or the placement of a child with you for adoption or foster care.
  • A serious health condition affecting your spouse, domestic partner, or same sex domestic partner which you are needed to provide care
  • A serious health condition affecting your biological child, child of domestic or same sex domestic partner, adopted child, foster child, or stepchild which you are needed to provide care. Includes adult children of the employee or the employee's domestic or same sex domestic partner.
  • A serious health condition affecting your biological parent, adoptive parent, foster parent, custodial parent, non-custodial parent. which you are needed to provide care
  • A serious health condition affecting your parent-in-law, which you are needed to provide care
  • An illness or injury that is not a serious health condition affecting your child for which you are needed to provide home care.

Refer to: Linfield Chapter of Policies and Procedures for all Handbooks for the complete policy and procedures regarding Oregon Family Medical Leave. 

Short Term Disability

When a nonexempt or administrative employee suffers from a serious health condition or injury unrelated to work that requires him/ her to be away from work for more than 30 days, the employee should apply for Short-term Disability benefits through the college's insurance provider. Short-term Disability Benefit Claim forms are available through the Human Resources office.

Benefits Summary for Short Term Disability Insurance

When a faculty member is unable to work because of their own medical reasons, the college provides full salary continuation for the length of the disability, up to six months, after which time a long-term disability claim may be submitted to the college's insurance carrier.

Refer to: Linfield Faculty Handbook for the complete policy and procedures regarding faculty disability.

Long Term Disability

Long-term disability benefits begin after short-term disability is exhausted. Refer to: Benefits Summary for Long Term Disability Insurance.

Military Leave

Employees who are members of the military reserve or National Guard will be granted a leave of absence without pay for their mandatory training, or for any of the following reasons:

  • Active military duty, active duty for training, initial active duty training, inactive duty training, full time National Guard Duty, or fitness for duty examination.
  • Employees must provide their supervisor with the Notice to Service documents, which will be forwarded to Human Resources to be retained in the employee's personnel file. Employees on military leave will be entitled to the following benefits:
  • The use of earned personal/vacation pay for part or all of the leave period; or
  • If the leave is longer than one month, the right to continue health coverage by payment of premiums at no more than 100% of the premium (COBRA).

Employees on military leave will be reinstated to his/her position, provided their service does not exceed five years and provided they are discharged under honorable conditions. Reinstatement is to the job the employee had, or an equivalent position or another position depending on the employee's length of service and qualifications. Reinstatement is with the benefit level the employee would have had if continuously employed with no break in service.

An employee may be required to provide documents to verify his/her rights to reinstatement, including military separation papers. An employee, who fails to report to work when discharged from the military, will be considered to have voluntarily resigned.

Unpaid Time Off

Employees may make arrangements through their supervisor for unpaid time off. Such time off may be granted depending upon the department's staffing needs. An employee on unpaid time off for more than one calendar month must make arrangements at his/her expense to pay the monthly health insurance premium, unless the leave is requested by the college for its convenience, budgetary reasons, or other laws required to the contrary. Payroll must be notified in writing indicating the employee's name and dates off without pay, and supervisor's signature of approval.

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