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Environmental Services

Linfield College Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers several environmental related services to the college community. Among the services offered are:

Chemical Waste Management and Shipping
Chemical Spill Response
Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
Contaminated Site Remediation

Chemical Waste Management:

EHS assists generators of surplus and waste chemicals through established recycling, collection, treatment, and disposal programs, and provides training in the identification, handling, and disposal of chemical waste.

Chemical Spill Response:

Services include assisting responsible parties with evaluation of the spill area, selection of appropriate protective equipment, spill cleanup, and post cleanup environmental monitoring.

Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization:

EHS provides consultation services in the evaluation and recommendation of alternative products and procedures that reduce the quantity and toxicity of chemicals used and waste generated.

Contaminated Site Remediation:

EHS coordinates the investigation, cleanup, and monitoring of contaminated property resulting from past practices, accidental releases, and underground storage tanks.

EHS follows guidelines and standards for good environmental stewardship as set forth in the policies and procedures of the Oregon State Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The DEQ website at is a site which is rich in advice and methods to improve and maintain our environment. Another site worth visiting for a vast amount of environmental information and guidence is the U.S. government's website found at .

Material Safety Data Sheets

Hazardous Material Disposal

Hazard Communication Program

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