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The Journey

This study was a collaborative endeavor, requiring participation of many individuals:

  • The Cabinet, using Linfield's strategic goals as guideposts along the way, articulated the new system's philosophy, and provided guidance in development of related policies, procedures and structure.
  • Your input -- gathered via position description questionnaire (PDQ) -- formed the foundation of the study.  Your participation or that of your colleagues on a dozen occupational panels was essential to defining the work performed within a a job family or classification series (such as administrative support, leadership, laboratory support, utilities, etc.).  Approximately 100 employees serving on occupational panels.
  • Supervisors and managers provided input on PDQs and several department heads helped refine classification descriptions.
  • Fox Lawson and Associates, our consultants with more than 25 years of experience conducting such studies at private and public institutions, shared their expertise throughout the process.

Thank you to each of you for your participation, support and patience as we brought this study from concept to implementation.