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Classification and Compensation Study

Building on Linfield's long-standing culture valuing the dedication and talent employees bring to our campus community, Cabinet members initiated a Classification and Compensation Study for our exempt and non-exempt positions in 2010.

Our historic classification and compensation system had specific shortfalls that needed to be addressed: shortfalls that many employees expressed frustrations with.  While no system is perfect, we have the pleasure of presenting to you a new comprehensive system; one that meets the goals of the study!  These goals are to:

  • Ensure a fair and equitable workplace where every employee is recognized for their contribution;
  • Define job families and career paths, providing greater flexibility in jobs and career growth opportunities;
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive system that is internally equitable and externally competitive -- which will help us recruit and retain Linfield's great employees;

And to do so in a way that sets a strategy for the future, while increasing transparency in process and decisions.