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HHPA-100  Drug Use In The United States

Overview of problems, issues, and research surrounding use and misuse of alcohol and other drugs in the United States. Emphasis on effective approaches toward prevention. 3 credits (US)

HHPA-164  Lifeguard Training

Skill acquisition and background content for lifeguards as prescribed by the American Red Cross, including water safety, artificial respiration, actions appropriate to choking, management of spinal injury, first aid and CPR. $38 fee. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-165  Water Safety Instruction

Swimming skills and aquatics teaching progressions as prescribed by the American Red Cross for Water Safety Instruction Certification. $8 fee. Offered spring of odd-numbered years. 2 credits

HHPA-170  Peer Health Education Methods: Wellness

Information, methods, and resources for planning and implementing peer health education programs in wellness. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-171  Peer Health Education Methods: Informed Choices

Information, methods, and resources for planning and implementing peer health education programs for alcohol and drug prevention. 1 credit

HHPA-172  Peer Health Education Methods: Cats

Information, methods, and resources for planning and implementing peer health education programs for sexual assault prevention. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. 2 credits

HHPA-180  Personal Health Promotion

Health status assessed, information provided and skills taught to optimize an individual's pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Personal responsibility in managing one's mental health, fitness, nutrition and stress. 2 credits

HHPA-183  Seminar In Health and Human Movement

For students considering careers, fields or professions in areas relating to health and human performance including exercise science, athletic training, physical education and health education. Examine the past, present and future of education, disciplines and careers that relate to health and human performance in contemporary society. 2 credits

HHPA-184  Prevention and Care Of Athletic Injuries

Emphasis on study of etiology and mechanism of injury, pathology, and recognition of clinical signs and symptoms of athletic injury. Knowledge required for proper recognition, management, and prevention of athletic injuries. $15 lab fee. 3 credits

HHPA-221  Athletic Training Professional Experience I: Portfolio/intro Skills

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 184, 284, sophomore or junior standing, and consent of instructor. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-230  Stress Management

Physiological response to stress, health consequences of unmanaged stress, models of effective stress management, and exposure to various stress management techniques. Applications to health education. 2 credits

HHPA-231  Professional Experience II: Taping, Bracing and Emergency Management

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 221, sophomore or junior standing, and consent of instructor. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-242  Human Sexuality

An introductory overview of human sexuality topics as they relate to health including components of healthy sexuality, influences on sexuality, sexual structure and function, human sexual response, contraception, pregnancy and birth, sexually transmitted diseases, communication, love and intimacy, lifestyles, and sexual victimization. Emphasis on gender, sociocultural factors, and sexual orientation. 3 credits (IS)

HHPA-250  Prevention and Control Of Disease

An introduction to epidemiological principles as they relate to the understanding of communicable and non-communicable diseases in humans. Special emphasis on prevention and control of diseases through health education and health promotion orientations and strategies. Offered fall. 3 credits

HHPA-280  Nutrition

Nutrients in foods and their relation to the physical well-being and behavior of people. Issues of current national and international concern. $12 lab fee. 3 credits (NW)

HHPA-283  Responding To Emergencies, CPR

In-depth study and training in the techniques and procedures for giving emergency care to the suddenly ill or injured. Lectures, videos, demonstrations, and practice. Preparation for CPR and First Aid Red Cross certification. Does not fulfill athletic training requirement. $50 fee. 2 credits

HHPA-284  Emergency Response

Advanced medical skills for the first responder in emergency situations. Lecture, video, simulation, and skill development in CPR and emergency care. Preparation for American Red Cross certification in 2-person CPR, emergency response, AED use, oxygen administration, disease prevention. $50 fee. Prerequisite: Athletic Training major status or consent of instructor. Offered spring. 3 credits.

HHPA-286  Methods Of Teaching Elementary and Secondary Physical Education

Developing teaching skills for elementary and secondary physical education classes. Emphasis on planning and organization of instruction, scope and sequence and age-appropriate instruction, teaching strategies, classroom management, teacher interaction and feedback, creation of a positive learning environment, student assessment and evaluation of the instructional process. Prerequisites: 183, EDUC 150, consent of instructor, and Physical Education major or minor status. 4 credits.

HHPA-291  Professional Activities I

Teambuilding challenges, initiatives and adventure-oriented activities. $50 fee. Prerequisite: 286. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-293  Professional Activities III

Volleyball, soccer, golf. Prerequisite: 286. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-294  Professional Activities IV

Basketball, non-traditional games, softball. Prerequisite: 286. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-295  Professional Activities V

Racquet sports including tennis, badminton, pickleball. Prerequisite: 286. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-310  Football Coaching Theory

An examination of current defensive, offensive, and kicking game schemes and strategy. Analysis of common defensive fronts and popular offensive systems from integrated offensive and defensive perspectives. 2 credits

HHPA-315  Basketball Coaching Theory

System of offensive and defensive play, analysis of fundamentals, conditioning, game strategy, team travel, finance, care of equipment, officiating at contests, and public relations. 2 credits

HHPA-320  Track & Field Coaching Theory

Conditioning, development, and selection of individuals for events; planning, officiating, and conducting meets; strategy and psychology of individual and team competition. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-321  Professional Experience III: Injury Assessment and Evaluation

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 231, junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-331  Professional Experience IV: General Medical and Therapeutic Exercise

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 321, junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-335  Softball Coaching Theory

Fundamentals, techniques of position play, problems and duties of the coach, strategy, rules, scoring, conditioning, scheduling and team problems. Offered spring of odd-numbered years. 1 credit

HHPA-336  Volleyball Coaching Theory

An examination of the current fundamental techniques and coaching strategies involved with successful performance in volleyball. Offered fall. 2 credits

HHPA-340  Soccer Coaching Theory

Fundamentals, techniques, conditioning, game strategy, team travel problems, finance, care of equipment, officiating and conducting games, strategy and psychology of competition. 2 credits

HHPA-341  Foundations Of Exercise Physiology

The course is designed to enhance the student's understanding of the laws and principles of physiology as they relate to physical activity and training of the human body. The student will be able to: define the specialized terminology inherent in this field; develop a general scheme for the physiological analysis and training of human movement and describe the interrelationships among the principles, laws, and theories which served to enhance human movement and health from a physiological perspective. Prerequisite: BIOL 213. Offered fall. 3 credits (NW)

HHPA-345  Baseball Coaching Theory

An examination of the current fundamental techniques and coaching strategies involved with successful performance in baseball. 2 credits

HHPA-350  Psychological Aspects Of Sport and Physical Education

Psychology of perception, learning, personality, motivation, and emotion in relation to physical education and athletics. Motor aptitude and mental processes, including discipline, morale, motivation, and confidence. Offered fall. 3 credits

HHPA-352  Kinesiology

Human movement related to anatomical structure and mechanical principles; kinesiological analysis by means of a motor skills classification system and an outline for a systematic analysis that includes description, evaluation, and prescription. Prerequisite: BIOL 212. Offered spring. 3 credits

HHPA-365  Principles Of Training and Conditioning Conditioning

Basic principles and physiological foundations of neuromuscular conditioning, including applications to designing weight training, plyometric, speed, and general fitness programs. Lecture, discussions, and laboratory. $25 lab fee. Prerequisites: BIOL 212, 213 or consent of instructor. 3 credits

HHPA-375  Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Exercise

Analysis of the physiological response to injury and the use of rehabilitative techniques for athletic injuries. Lecture, discussion and laboratory. $10 lab fee. Prerequisites: 376 or consent of instructor. 3 credits. (MWI)

HHPA-376  Therapeutic Modalities

Principles of electrophysics and biophysics, specific physiological effects, and therapeutic indications and contraindications associated with use of therapeutic modalities. Lectures, discussion, and laboratory. $25 lab fee. Prerequisites: 184, BIOL 212 and 213, or consent of instructor. 3 credits.

HHPA-381  School Health Programs

Policies and practices within the school program of health services, healthful environment, and health curriculum. Speakers and resources from various state and local health agencies; field experience in the public school program. 3 credits

HHPA-382  Advanced Methods: Non-traditional Games

Combines laboratory and theory course designed to develop and enhance proficiency and teaching skills of non-traditional games in a school-based setting. 2 credits

HHPA-383  Health Education Methods

Materials, resources, and methods for health instruction. Construction, organization and delivery of lessions in health education, including use of technology. Health Education standards and assessment training. Application of andragogical and pedagogical principles. Prerequisites: 180: EDUC 150, junior standing, Health Major status, or consent of instructor. 3 credits

HHPA-384  Advanced Assessment Of Athletic Injuries

Outlines the more common types of athletic injuries occurring to various anatomical structures. Advanced techniques in evaluation, recognition of clinical signs and symptoms, pathology, and management. Lecture, discussion, and laboratory. Prerequisites: 184; BIOL 212 or consent of instructor, or both. 4 credits

HHPA-387  Performance Enhancement For The Injured Athlete

Relationship between the behavioral sciences and factors important in prevention of injuries and rehabilitation of injured athletes. Predisposing factors in injuries, coping strategies, pain perception and control, and behavior modification in injury rehabilitation. Prerequisites: 184, and PSYC 181. 2 credits

HHPA-388  Elementary Health and Physical Education Methods

Planning for and teaching health and physical education activities at the elementary school level. Managing, evaluating, and giving feedback to elementary learners. Exposure to resources and practice in delivery of comprehensive school health content areas: locomotor and non-locomotor movement experiences, rhythmic activities, manipulative skills, fitness activities, movement concepts, and appropriate elementary sports skills. Prerequisites: EDUC 150 and sophomore standing. 3 credits

HHPA-389  Topics In Athletic Training

Emphasis on contemporary issues in athletic training. Topics include organization and administration of athletic training, legalities, pharmacology, special populations, and medical practices in relation to the field of athletic training. Prerequisite: 184 or consent of instructor. 2 credits

HHPA-390  Organization and Administration Of Physical Education

Emphasis on the nature of administration and management in sport and physical education within intramural, interscholastic, and intercollegiate athletic programs; principles and practices of organizational leadership, policy, politics, and power; practicalities of program development, management, and supervision; issues of laws, risk management, professionalism, and ethics. 3 credits

HHPA-395  Evaluation Of Physical Education

Assessment and evaluation in physical education; evaluation of objectives, programs and student performance through a variety of assessment techniques. Prerequisite: upper division standing or consent of instructor. 2 credits

HHPA-397  Introduction To Research and Analysis In Physical Activity/human Performance

Techniques for examining, conducting, analyzing, and reporting research of Physical Activity and Human Performance; quantitative and qualitative analysis. Lecture and laboratory. Prerequisite: none. Typically offered Spring. 3 credits (QR or MWI).

HHPA-410  Gender Issues In Education & Sport

An overview of gender issues in education and sport, with special attention on understanding gender bias and evolving educative, legislative and legal efforts to overcome historic gender biases. 3 credits (IS or US, WI)

HHPA-412  Human Anatomy II

Advance study of human gross anatomy. Seminar and laboratory with prosection of a human cadaver. Recommended for athletic training and exercise science majors, and students interested in health care professions. May be repeated once for credit with consent of instructor. $60 lab fee. Prerequisites: BIOL 212; 213 or 390 (all with a grade of B or higher), and consent of instructor. 2 or 3 credits

HHPA-421  Athletic Training Professional Experience V: Therapeutic Modalities

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 331, junior or senior standing and consent of instructor. Offered fall. 3 credits

HHPA-422  Planning & Evaluation In Health Education

Principles of program planning, including needs assessment, health promotion planning models, intervention theories and approaches, elements of marketing, implementation strategies, and evaluation. Practical application of all aspects of the program planning process to address a selected health problem affecting groups. Prerequisites: 180, junior standing, Health major status, or consent of instructor. Offered fall. 3 credits

HHPA-425  Sport In American Society

The impact of sports on American society and the social order. The cultural response to sports in this country and abroad. Offered spring. 3 credits (IS)

HHPA-431  Professional Experience Vi: Strength, Conditioning and Professional Preparation

Professional experience in athletic training and application of athletic training courses. Clinical field experience required. $50 lab fee. Prerequisites: 421, junior or senior standing, and consent of instructor. Offered spring. 3 credits

HHPA-439  Peer Instruction

Advanced study opportunity for outstanding students to assist faculty members in the classroom or laboratory. Focus on course content and pedagogy. May not be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: application and consent of instructor. 1-3 credits (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) (EL)

HHPA-440  Physiology Of Exercise

Study of the effects of acute and chronic physical activity upon human physiological process with an emphasis on endurance, fatique, training and other factors related to physical performance and health. Lecture and discussion. Prerequisites: 352, and BIOL 212/213. Offered fall. 3 credits

HHPA-441  Senior Seminar In Exercise Science

Field or laboratory research on topics in Exercise Science. Library work and extensive written report; oral presentation required. Possibility for presentation at regional/national conferences, and/or publication. $55 lab fee. Prerequisites: 397 & senior standing. Offered spring. 3 credits (MWI)

HHPA-445  Motor Learning and Motor Development

An examination of fundamental motor learning principles and theory. Application of those principles toward physical education, coaching, and the therapeutic setting. Analysis of current motor developmental models and viewpoints. Prerequisites: BIOL 212/213; PSYC 101, 182 or 186. 4 credits

HHPA-452  Biomechanics Of Sport and Exercise

Mechanical laws and principles applied to the human body; forms of motion, linear and angular kinematics and kinetics; quantitative and qualitative analysis of sport techniques. Lecture and Laboratory. Prerequisite: 352. 3 credits

HHPA-455  Adapted Physical Education

Principles and practices of adapted physical education emphasizing the nature and needs of exceptional persons. History, recent legislation, growth and developmental factors, assessments, and individualized education plans related to adapted physical education. Service project in the community serving special needs populations. 3 credits

HHPA-465  Mental and Social Variables In Sport & Performance

Principles of the behavioral sciences applied to studying and enhancing human physical performance. Socialization, motivation, personality, anxiety and stress management, concentration and attention styles. Application to sport performance at all skill levels and to fitness, health, and rehabilitation. 3 credits

HHPA-470  Mental Health

Topics designed to lead students through a self-growth process. Lecture-discussion on individual personality traits, self concept, and learned defense mechanisms and coping devices. Offered spring. 2 credits

HHPA-480  Independent Study

Opportunity to pursue special interests, conduct research, or obtain work experience. Credit often dependent upon submission of a paper. Prerequisite: departmenal approval. 1-5 credits

HHPA-482  Applied Exercise Science

The study of acute and adaptive physiological responses to exercise including: stree=ss testing, electrophysiology, hemodynamics, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise prescription for an apparently healthy adult, risk factor identification and environmental influences. Emphasis in techniques of test administration, interpretation of data and safety. $35 lab fee. Prequisites: 280, 365, 440/440L; & PSYC 101 or 18X. 3 credits

HHPA-485  Coaching As A Profession

The special needs and responsibilities of today's coach of intercollegiate and interscholastic athletic teams. Role playing, discussion, and application of methods and materials for today's coach. Planning a season, operating a budget, organizing a team, fund raising, problem solving, and developing personal skills in dealing with people. $20 course fee. Offered spring. 3 credits

HHPA-487  Internship

Practical experience delivering programs in athletic training, health, exercise science, or physical education. Opportunities in private organizations (YMCA, Health/Fitness Centers), corporate education or fitness programs, or public organizations (schools, correctional institutions, hospitals, day care centers). Open to advanced students who have completed prerequisites including requirements for entrance into a teacher education program, if applicable. Prerequisites: senior standing, complete pre-application, and instructor approval. 1-10 credits, but maximum 5 credits count toward the major (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory).

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