Duane Duey - Head Athletic Trainer; Instructional AssociateFaculty Image
HHPA Complex 205D


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Laura Kenow - Athletic Training Program Director; Associate Professor; Certified Athletic Trainer faculty image
HHPA Complex 206A


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Katie Hickman - Assistant Athletic Trainer; Instructional Associate Faculty Image

HHPA Complex 205F


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Greg A. Hill - Assistant Professor; Clinical Education Coordinator; Certified Athletic Trainer faculty image

Cook 112


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Tara M. Lepp - Professor; Certified Athletic Trainer faculty image

HHPA Complex 210


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Affiliated Site Preceptors 

High Schools

West Salem High School (Salem-Keizer) Lorilee Barnes, MA, ATC
Liberty High School (Hillsboro)  Angella Bond, ATC
North Salem High School (Salem-Keizer)  Christina Gray, ATC
Sunset High School (Beaverton)  Kari Cunningham, ATC
Aloha High School (Aloha)  Shelly Jones, ATC, EMT-B
Sprague High School (Salem-Keizer)  Kimo Mahi, MAT, ATC
Sprague High School (Salem-Keizer)  Amy West, MAT, ATC

Physical Therapy Clinics

Hope Orthopedics (Salem-Keizer)  Susie Trantham, MSPT, ATC
                                                                Jennifer Truax, MSPT, ATC
                                                                Norm Holmstrom, ATC, LPTA

Medical Clinics

West Hills Health Care Clinic           Ashley Hyder, MD
                                                     Brandi Mendoca, MD
                                                     Ted Nyquist, MD
Willamette Valley Medical Center     Derek Rains, MD                                                                

Medical Director

Robin Dreibelbis, DO

Dr. Dreibelbis is currently the Vice Chair and Assistant Professor in Family Medicine in the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Northwest at Western University of Health Sciences.  Dr. Dreibelbis received her DO from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Pomona in 1995.  Dr. Dreibelbis has been associated with the Linfield Athletic Training Education Program since 1999 and assumed the position of Medical Director in 2005.