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Student Leadership Opportunities

Academic Advising

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Ellen Crabtree, Interim Director of Academic Advising
Walker 124     503.883.2784

Peer Advisors (PA)
Peer Advisors work individually with faculty (Faculty Advisors) to teach Linfield's new student course call Colloquium. The Colloquium course is central to student's first-year experiences and is required for all new students in fall semester. Peer Advisors serve as advisors and mentors to students both in and outside of the classroom. Peer Advisors are prominent leaders on campus, representing Linfield to enrolling students and their families.

Chaplain & Religious Life

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Rev. Dr. David Massey, Linfield College Chaplaincy
Melrose 110    503.883.2259

Chaplain’s Team
The Chaplain’s Team exists to assist the chaplain in implementing religious programming, encourage and support students’ personal faith development, produce community-enhancing programs, Identify and develop interfaith educational opportunities, present opportunities to integrate personal faith with acts of justice and service, and model spiritual disciplines as a means of supporting the greater community.

Faith-based Clubs

  • Salt-n-light
  • Catholic Campus Ministry
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  • Muslim Student Fellowship
  • Jewish Student Fellowship

Community Engagement & Service

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Director of Community Engagement & Service
Riley 304         503.883.2636

Change Corps
Change Corps is a student leadership team that organizes and implements service-learning opportunities for Linfield College students. This group of highly motivated students has extensive experience in community service and wish to lead their peers towards being active citizens. Responsibilities include planning Days of Service, managing Alternative Spring Break programs, organizing on-going volunteer opportunities, and serving as a liaison with community partners. 

Multicultural Programs

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Jason Rodriquez, Director of Multicultural Programs
Riley 304         503.883.2200

WildCat Intercultural Network (WIN)
The Wildcat Intercultural Network at Linfield College is a retention initiative that connects current students with incoming students to help make their transition in to the college community and student life a comfortable, accepting, and culturally responsive experience.  Our mission is to foster peer-to-peer relationships through educational programming and social/networking events.

Multicultural Clubs

  • Asian American Alliance
  • Black Student Union
  • Hawaiian Club
  • International Club
  • Fusion
  • MEChA
  • Native American Student Alliance
  • Spanish Club
  • Students Advocating for Gender Equality

Residence Life

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Andrew Frei, Area Director for Residential Experience
Mahaffey 127  503.883.5356

Resident Advisor
RAs are live-in students assigned with the duty of building and supporting safe living learning communities. Students in this position are charged with helping to create community within the residence halls and College apartments and houses. Each January Term and Spring Semester, the RA Training Class is offered for students interested in applying for one of these positions. The hiring process occurs in the Spring Semester for contracts beginning the following Fall. Students are strongly encouraged to have completed the RA Training Class, lived in the residence halls for at least a semester and maintain a good GPA in order to be eligible for a staff position. 

Residence Hall Association (RHA)
To assist in the development of the hall community and in an effort to ensure that students become actively involved in the governance of their individual living units, each hall will select hall officers. Leadership positions in RHA include:

  • Hall President
  • Wellness Chair
  • Green Chair
  • ASLC Senate Representative
  • Birthday Chair

Residence Life Peer Conduct Board
The Peer Conduct Board is a peer review board made up of representatives from each of the residence halls and apartments. The purpose of the Board is for students to help create positive living/learning communities in college housing by adjudicating and resolving residential conduct issues.  Serving as a Conduct Board representative is a unique opportunity to develop leadership and critical thinking skills, while being of service to the community. 

Student Activities

Interested in Getting Involved? Contact:
Dan Fergueson, Director of College Activities
Riley 304         503.883.2435

Associated Students of Linfield College (ASLC)
The ASLC Cabinet is the executive branch of the Associated Students of Linfield College. Made up of two elected officers (President and Vice President) and seven officers appointed by the President and VP and approved by the ASLC Senate, the Cabinet is responsible for planning a variety of programs, representing the student body, and advising the Senate.

The ASLC Senate is the legislative arm of the Associated Students of Linfield College. Senators meet every Monday at 6:30pm in TJ Day 103 to discuss a wide range of student business. The Senate, with representatives from Residence Life, Clubs & Organizations, Greek Life, Communications Board, and class constituencies, acts as the voice of the student body.

The Linfield Activities Board (LAB)
The Linfield Activities Board is a body created by the Associated Students of Linfield College to coordinate a variety of social, cultural, educational and outdoor activities for students. LAB is made up of seven chairs: Special Events, Health and Outdoor Programs, Musical Entertainment, Cultural Events, Off Campus, Student Talent, and Secretary.

Student Clubs & Organizations
ASLC sponsors dozens of organizations including clubs, club sports, and media. All organizations are student-run with the aid of a staff or faculty advisor.

Greek Life
Fraternities and sororities are student organizations whose primary purpose is the personal development of their members. In contrast to most student organizations, membership in a fraternity or sorority is a lifetime affiliation, with students receiving the benefits of membership long after graduation. Greek members are well represented in clubs, academics, student leadership, and athletics at Linfield College.