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Guide To Living Residence Hall and Apartment Buildings

Residence Hall and Apartment Buildings

Cable TV

Residence hall rooms, hall lounges, and all apartments have Comcast cable.  Expanded basic cable is included in your room or apartment cost.  Also included is access to On Demand and Pay-Per-View, although use of these features will be at your own expense when applicable.  If you would like any premium channels added at your own expense, please call the local Comcast office directly at 1-800-Comcast.

Comcast provides Cable service to the campus.  Due to recent changes in their service, students must hook their TV up to a Comcast cable box or digital converter box, and then to the wall jack in their room, in order to receive any television signal.  Comcast cable boxes are provided free of charge to residential students for use in their housing during the school year.  At the beginning of each semester, Comcast will visit campus to check out these boxes to students living in College housing.  Residential students can also pick up a box free of charge from the local Comcast office, located at 4025 Nimbus Loop, McMinnville, OR 97128.

Any Comcast equipment that you check out will be registered under your name, and will be your responsibility.  Comcast will assess any charges due to loss or damage of Comcast equipment to you. Instructions on how to hook up cable boxes will be provided to you by Comcast during check out.  For more assistance, please call 1-800-Comcast, or refer to equipment manuals.

Check out

Comcast will be on campus to check out cable boxes to students at the beginning of each semester.  While they are on campus you can check out a cable box free of charge as long as you live in College Housing.  To do so, present them with your student ID and a print-out of your housing assignment for the upcoming semester, which can be located on Web Advisor.

You can also check out a cable box during the year by going to the local Comcast service center at 4025 Nimbus Loop, McMinnville, OR 97128.  You will need to present them with your student ID and a print out of your housing assignment for the current semester from the Student Affairs Office.

Remember though, any Comcast equipment that you check out will be registered under your name and will be your responsibility.  It must be checked back in at the end of the year in order to avoid replacement charges.

Check in

Comcast will be on campus to collect cable boxes at the end of each academic year.  While they are on campus you can turn your cable box back into them.  If you need to return your cable box prior to or after the Comcast campus visits, you can take it to the local Comcast service center at 4025 Nimbus Loop, McMinnville, OR 97128.  Cable boxes cannot be turned in at the Residence Life Office, and will not be accepted.  Remember that your cable box is registered under your name and you will be responsible for any replacement charge if the box is not turned in.  A $50 fine will be assessed to students who leave their cable box in their apartment or residence hall.

CATNET Computer And Telephone Connections

All student residential halls, suburbs (apartments), academic classrooms and public areas have wireless network access available. If unsure of wireless accessibility on campus, look for the “CatNet Unplugged” wireless stickers appearing on public access entrances of buildings. Performance may vary in these areas depending on the style and individual characteristics of your wireless equipment.

In order to use your computers or other technology, students must first connect to the Linfield Network upon their arrival. For Windows (PC) users, this will require you to download, install, and pass a network authentication and validation program called Cisco Clean Access once you arrive on campus. For a look at what that entails and what you can do to make the process easier and faster once you arrive, go to Students who bring Mac computers will only need to register on the Linfield network with their CATNet ID's. If you are interested in receiving assistance configuring your computer for wireless access, contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at

All residence halls and suburbs (apartments) have land line phone jacks. Because of the very low use of these jacks, starting this fall semester, these phone jacks will be inactive. Information Technology Services (ITS) will activate a phone jack in a residence hall or suburb by request. To do so, please send an email to with your name, residence hall or suburb and room number with a brief description of why you would like the phone jack activated.


Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their own apartment and room throughout the year and can check out a vacuum from the RA.  Failure to keep your room clean will attract ants and other pests.  It is not the responsibility of custodians to pick up after students. Residents are expected to assist in keeping the common areas and bathrooms clean. Cleaning charges may be assessed to residents for excessive messes.  Residents are expected to pick up after themselves in common areas and to return all lounge furniture to its original position. 

Custodial Service & Maintenance

Facilities Services provides personnel for the general upkeep of the public areas and community bathrooms in the residence halls. If something in your room needs to be repaired, notify your RA or submit a workorder via SchoolDude.  Facilities Services and Residence Life may make periodic safety and maintenance inspections throughout the year.  Students will be charged for repairs beyond normal use.


The College does not assume responsibility for damage caused by students.  Damage in a student’s room or apartment is the responsibility of the occupant(s).  Damage in corridors, stairwells, apartment landscaping and entrances, bathrooms, lounges, etc. is the responsibility of the individual, floor, entire hall or apartment complex as circumstances dictate.  If the person responsible for damage cannot be identified, the charges will be assessed to the lowest possible denominator of students who should be held responsible.  Experience has proven that this is the best means of seeing that charges are directed to the most responsible individuals.  For example, if damage occurs on a floor and the person responsible is not identified, the entire floor is charged the cost of repair.  By the same token, if persons responsible for damage to public areas of residence halls cannot be identified, the cost of repairs will be divided among all residents living in the hall. Should damage occur, notify your RA as soon as possible to stop the problem from growing (water leak, damaged or dangerous electrical issue).

Normal wear and tear to College property is expected.  However, damage or vandalism will be billed directly to the student(s) responsible for the damage.  If a person who does not live in the room or apartment causes damage, that person will be billed.  If the person responsible cannot be identified for any reason, the resident(s) of the room or apartment will be billed.  Community restitution may also be assigned in addition to damage charges.

Listed below is a sample of some of the charges you should expect to pay for damage.  This list is by no
means comprehensive, but should be used as a guideline.
Furniture will be charged out at replacement rate.

Screen Replace or Repair  $25  
Light Covering Replace - $25  
Abandoned Property Remove - $25  
Fire Alarm Repair - $100  
Cinder Blocks Removal - $50  
Flipped/Improperly Bunked Beds Readjusted- $50  
  Minimum Maximum
Blinds $25 $125
Carpet Cleaning $25 $200
Doors $100 $450
Cleaning Charges $25 $100
Broken Window $25 $300
Paint/Patch $25 $100
Wall Damage (holes/patch) $50 $200
Misc. Repairs $25 up to the actual total costs

Hall & Apartment Facilities

Asbestos – Suburbs only

Some of the apartments and houses contain asbestos. All asbestos is encapsulated and is not a danger to residents.  Please do not puncture the ceilings or floor tiles with any items.  If your ceiling or floor tiles become damaged, contact Facilities Services right away at 503-883-2227 and inform your RA.


HP Park has gas BBQ facilities provided on site.  Please use caution when operating the BBQs and remember to shut them off after you use them. At the beginning of fall term, full propane tanks for the gas BBQs are provided.  Once the tanks become empty, it is the responsibility of those wishing to use the gas BBQs to refill the propane tanks and pay all costs associated.  Propane tanks can be filled at local gas stations with filling capabilities.  Instructions for use are posted on the front of the BBQ grills.  Please follow these steps in order to help with the maintenance of this equipment as well as out of respect for the community.  In accordance with Yamhill County fire marshal, the use of BBQ grills is strictly prohibited on any deck, landing, walkway or stairs connected to a college owned apartment property or within 15 feet of any building.

Bathrooms – Apartments, Dana, Newby and Suites

Residents must provide shower curtains, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.  These items are not available from Facilities Services.  If you have any problems with the drains, please call your RA or submit a workorder via SchoolDude. Keep in mind that the Suburbs have smaller water heaters than the residence halls, so residents may run out of hot water if too many people try to take showers within a short amount of time.

Bathrooms- Residence Halls

Facilities Services cleans all residence hall bathrooms on a regular basis.  Since the space is communal, it is important to share the bathroom space and help to maintain the overall cleanliness.  Please do not dump personal trash in the bathroom trashcans.  Residences may be fined for removal of personal trash found in bathroom trashcans.  Do not post signs in the bathrooms-all areas need to be able to be wiped down.


You are responsible for all the furniture assigned to your residence.  Do not leave unwanted furniture in the hallway or balconies.  All college furniture must be kept in your room or apartment.  The College cannot store furniture for students.  Do not flip any beds upside down, as this weakens and may break the bed.  A flipped bed may result in a $50 fine.  Do not stack your beds on other furniture or cinder blocks. There is a fine of $50 to remove cinder blocks.  If any furniture breaks or is damaged during the course of the year, contact your RA or submit a workorder via SchoolDude.  Upon checkout, residents will be charged for any missing furniture or any which needs repair beyond normal use.  No furniture may be exchanged within the hall or apartment, leave the hall or apartment, or be exchanged with furniture from another hall or apartment.  Lounge furniture may not be taken into your room.  Lounge furniture found in your room will be removed and each resident may be fined up to $100.  Beds cannot be lofted.  If you want to bunk or unbunk your bed, please speak with your RA.  The RA will submit a workorder for your request.

Kitchen Facilities – Residence Halls

In the residence halls, you will have access to kitchen facilities, including a sink, stove/oven, and refrigerator.  Check with your RA to learn the rules for use in your hall. Individuals using the kitchen must clean up after themselves.  Please do not leave dishes in the sink or food on the counters.  Such items will be discarded by cleaning services, and the hall will be charged.  Residence Life Staff may lock up kitchens that are not maintained.

Kitchen Facilities – Suburbs

Some Suburbs are furnished with dishwashers.  Remember to use only dishwasher detergent and remove heavy soil from dishes and utensils prior to washing.  The college may not replace dishwashers that break and cannot be repaired.  Clean your refrigerator regularly.  Make sure items that may spoil are discarded before vacation periods.  Do not put heavy items inside the refrigerator, as their weight will damage the interior. On stoves, please clean the surface elements and ovens periodically.  Any build-up of grease can cause a fire.  Residents are responsible for providing all cleaning supplies.


Washers and dryers are available in each residence hall and suburb community.  Do not leave your laundry unattended for an extended period of time. 

All washers and dryers are free to students in all residence halls and apartments.  Please remove clothing from the laundry room immediately so that other residents may utilize the machines.  Clothing left for more than 72 hours may be bagged up and donated to a local charity.

In an effort to conserve natural resources, the college strongly encourages students to wait and do full loads of laundry.  Please carefully follow all instructions for use of the energy efficient machines.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are installed in all fixtures prior to occupancy.  Residents should contact their RA to report burnt out bulbs or submit a work order.  Facilities Services will replace bulbs at no charge to residences.

Soft Drink Machines

A soft drink machine is located in each residence hall.  The revenue from these machines is returned to each hall, and this income is a source of funding for hall programs and activities. In the event of a machine malfunction, please post a sign indicating “out of order” and report the problem and machine number to your RA or submit a work order.  

Sprinkler Systems

The fire safety sprinkler systems in each building are integral to the safety of each resident.  Under no circumstances should anything be tied to, hung from, or in anyway obstruct a sprinkler head.  If broken off, a sprinkler will expel 50 gallons of water a minute, resulting in considerable damage to surrounding areas.  Also, balls, Frisbees, etc., should never be thrown inside of buildings, for risk of general damage, but also due to the fact that these items can break off a sprinkler head.  Students causing such damage will be held responsible for damage to all College property and all personal property of residents, as well as cleaning and associated charges.


RESIDENCE HALLS ONLY:  In most residence halls there is a storage room for use of residents.  See your RA to access storage.  All personal property in storage must be in a closed box or storage bin, labeled and dated.  If you need to leave large things (including appliances) over the summer, be sure to box and label them and use the storage area in the residence hall you will be living the following fall.  Because of limited space, residents may not store furniture in residence hall storage areas.  There are many different storage options locally if students need to store such items over the summer.  Although the storage rooms are locked, we cannot guarantee the safety of your possessions and you store at your own risk.  The College is not responsible for any items lost or damaged.  In addition, the College reserves the right to dispose of any items left in storage for over four months.
SUBURBS:  There is no storage available for suburb residents.


In order to maintain quality residential facilities we ask that all students use poster putty or blue painter’s tape available to hang all decorations.  The use of staples, nails, non-painter’s tape, screws or bolts in the walls, ceilings or doors will result in a damage fine charged to the residents’ upon move out.  Students are also prohibited from hanging string lights, rope lights, ceiling tapestries, or neon lights on their walls.  All adhesives must be completely removed from all walls upon check out.

Health/Safety & Workorder Inspections

Each semester (or as needed in given situations) members of the Residence Life Staff will conduct announced inspections of the students’ rooms and apartments.  RAs will check for items that could be cause for concern -safety or policy- and will check for anything that needs a workorder.  RAs will only enter with another Residence Life staff member (RA, RLA, AD, etc.)  Prohibited items may be confiscated and incident reports written if necessary.  The College reserves the right of reasonable entry to residential units to make necessary repairs, to maintain safety and health standards, and to assure compliance with the Residence Life Contract Agreement and any other College policies.


In life at Linfield, as in life elsewhere, insects and other pests can be part of your daily experience.  Linfield has an active pest control program, using an Oregon licensed contractor, administered through Facilities Services. While the college will respond to any report of pest problems, we maintain 'low impact, responsive' program, rather than polluting your living and learning environment with wholesale insecticide treatments. 

Residents in college housing can reduce their exposure to pests by good housekeeping and hygiene practices. Vacuuming floors, cleaning counters, taking out the trash and recyclables regularly, storing food items in closed containers and other similar, common sense methods will help to keep you from being visited by unwanted critters.

If a resident experiences bug bites and/or sights what they believe may be a bed bug, they are to immediately contact their Resident Advisor.  The RA will then immediately contact the Area Director on duty.  The Area Director will coordinate inspection and any needed treatment of the room/apartment.  Facilities will immediately inspect the room/apartment while also scheduling outside pest services to inspect the room/apartment as soon as possible.  Treatment of all affected rooms/apartment will include treatment of furniture as well as bedding.  Students are responsible for laundering all of their clothing to eliminate any possible contamination.

Students should schedule an appointment with the Student Health, Wellness and Counseling Office in Walker 104 as soon as possible for treatment of any bites.

Recycling & Trash

All students must properly dispose of their trash by taking it directly to the dumpsters located around campus.  Residence hall students cannot leave trash in the hallway or empty personal trash into the hall or bathroom trashcans.  Suburb residents must not leave trash in front of their apartment, in stairwells or on their balconies.  Residents are expected to take all garbage to the dumpsters provided.

All residence halls have recycling containers.  For residents living in the suburbs, there are several recycling sites located around campus.  All members of the community are strongly encouraged to learn about the recycling program and sort out the recycle items from regular trash. 


All charges for heat, light, water, and trash pick-up are included in the housing rates.  Please conserve energy whenever possible to keep your housing rates from rising.


If your room or apartment needs repair please follow the instructions below to submit a work order.  Facilities or Auxiliary Services will respond to the workorder as soon as possible, though it is not possible for day or time of day of response to be predicted.  If you have specific concerns regarding your workorder, please discuss this with your RA at the time of workorder submission.  By submitting a work order you are giving the college permission to enter your room to perform the repairs necessary to address the work order.

To submit work orders: Log on to using your Linfield email address.

If you have used the work order system previously, please do the following:

  • Click on the “Maint Request” tab on your screen
  • Fill out the Work Order Request form – Click “Submit”
  • The password is Linfield

If you are new to the Linfield work order system
Access the website by doing the following:

  • Organization Account #: 189749974 – Click “Submit”
  • Login page: Type in your Linfield email address and click “Submit”
  • It will say “We cannot find the indicated email address” – This is okay!
  • Enter your last name and click “Submit”
  • Complete information in required fields and click “Submit”
  • It will take you to the “Facilities Work Order Request” page
  • There will be 4 tabs across the top of your screen.  Click “Settings”
  • Update your information
  • Choose your email notification preferences
  • Type in the password: Linfield, and click “Submit”

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Facilities Services Front Office at extension 2227 or extension 2223.

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