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Guide To Living Housing Process

Housing Process

Check-In Procedures

Upon check-in, each resident should thoroughly examine the room, apartment or house and check the condition noted on the check-in inventory.  When finished, residents must return the Inventory Form to the RA.  Any discrepancies should immediately be addressed with the RA.  If no changes are added, it is presumed the student is in agreement with the Inventory Form and takes responsibility of the condition of the residence.

Check-Out Procedures

Upon resident check-out, residence hall rooms and Suburbs must be left in the same condition as they were in at the beginning of the year.  Failure to clean, vacuum, dust and wipe down furniture or remove all belongings and trash will result in a fine. Specific information will be distributed to student upon check out.

Residents checking out of college housing during the year must complete a housing check out form, available in the Residence Life Office (Mahaffey 127).  Residents checking out of college housing are responsible to follow all check-out procedures.  Failure to follow all check-out procedures may result in a $50 improper check-out fine.

Residence hall and Suburb end of the year check-out process:

  • Residents must complete a check-out, select either an express or standard checkout, and return their form with their key (if applicable) as indicated on their checkout form. Failure to properly check out will result in a $50 fine.
  • Upon check out, rooms must be completely cleaned and left in the same condition as found upon move in.  This includes vacuuming, all surfaces wiped down and all garbage removed from the room, or cleaning fees will be imposed.
  • Hallways and all common areas must also be cleaned, vacuumed and free of garbage.
  • All residents who are not graduating or involved in graduation must check out within 24 hours after their last final.  Failure to do so may result in a $100 per day fine.

Housing Registration

Fall Semester Housing

The housing registration process occurs each spring in late April or early May. Specific information will be distributed following Spring Break. Housing priority is determined by total credit hours.  Students wishing to live in Suburb housing must have 62 credits by the end of spring semester or must be 21.  Students must have enough eligible people to fill a room in order to register for that room.  If you have any questions about this process, please refer to the Housing web site:

January Term and Spring Semester Housing

Students will be registered and billed for Jan Term and Spring Semester Housing in the same housing they have for Fall Semester.  Any vacancies will be filled either by students returning from abroad, transfer students, or students on the waiting list.  If students know of someone they want to live with, we will try to accommodate that request.  If students do not know of anyone to fill a vacancy in their location, we will place someone with them.  No one should assume they will have a vacancy in their room or apartment.  If students will not be on campus for Jan Term or if they want to change their housing they must complete the appropriate paperwork in November.

January Housing

If you are enrolled for January Term and living in College housing, there is a housing charge for January Term apart from your fall and spring room or apartment costs. Any student who is not enrolled for January Term or who chooses to commute from home may not occupy College housing during January Term.  Anyone found in violation of this policy will be charged for January Term housing.


If you are locked out there are three resources available to assist with a lockout. 
Please seek their assistance in the following order:
1) Your Roommate
2) Any RA in your building
3) The Residence Life Office, ext. 5389 (Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
4) Community Public Safety, ext. 7233.
CPS will respond at all hours, though students should first try to find an RA in their building and then contact the Residence Life Office during open office hours.  Lockouts may be tracked.  While Linfield does not charge for occasional lockouts, repeat or multiple lockouts may result in a fine or community restitution.
Students should carry their room or apartment key at all times for security reasons.   When any staff member assists in lockout, they are instructed to verify the student is in possession of their room key.  If the lock out is a result of a lost or misplaced key, students can pick up spare keys, in person, in the Residence Life Office, and hold onto the spare for up to 72 hours.  If after this time they do not return the spare and show their initial room key, for security reasons a lock change will be required at the resident’s expense.

Locks & Keys

Each resident is supplied with a key and/or ID card that allows access to your apartment, room, or building.  Report lost keys to the Residence Life Office located in Mahaffey 127 immediately or by calling 503-883-5389.  In order to maintain security for our residents, lost room or apartment keys will result in an automatic lock change.  If you lose your room or apartment key, contact the Residence Life Office immediately.  The charge for a lock change is $85.  Residence hall outside doors and HP Park Apartments are accessible with a student’s ID card.  If you lose your ID card please contact CPS immediately.  The replacement charge for an ID card is $15. 

In order to maintain safety for students and protection of college property, any tampering with door locks may result in a $50 per resident fine, and this includes the taping of door locks. The residents will be charged for any repairs necessary to bring the lock back into working order.

Meal Plan Requirements

All students in residence halls or fraternity housing (who are non-suburb eligible) are required to be on a meal plan.  For the first semester that a student attends Linfield (including transfer students) and living in a residence hall, he/she starts with the Unlimited meal plan.  For the second semester and thereafter, a different option may be chosen.  Meal Plan changes may only be made during the first two weeks of fall and spring semesters, and during the first two days of January Term.

Off Campus Housing Exemption

Linfield College is a residential campus and requires all students to live in college housing, unless the student meets one of the following criteria to live off campus; 4th year college attendance (minimum), 21 years of age prior to the start of the academic year, living with parent(s) or guardian(s) in primary residence within 20 miles of the McMinnville campus, married or registered domestic partnership or a qualifying dependent(s) living with you in your home.

Room Consolidation & Extra Space

In the event your roommate does not show up or moves out during the year, one of three things may happen:

  • You may be assigned another roommate
  • You may be moved to another room where a vacancy exists, location and timing of move to be determined by the Director of Residence Life
  • Space permitting, you may remain alone in the room and pay the higher rate for a double-as-single, or triple-as-double (this option is rare), and to be approved by the Director of Residence Life

Vacation & Summer Housing

During vacation periods within a semester (Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break) students are able to stay in their rooms or apartments at no extra charge provided they notify the Residence Life Office by filling out the online student break registration form.  Students must vacate housing within 24 hours of their last final at the end of each academic term.  Students graduating are permitted to stay until the day following graduation.  Residence halls and apartments are closed between academic terms. Students needing housing during that time will be charged $25 per day to remaining in College housing. 

Students who work a minimum of 20 hours a week over the summer for Linfield College will receive housing free of charge.  This housing will be in a designated residence hall and placement will be made after Spring Term housing registration.

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