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Welcome to Residence Life at Linfield College.  The entire Residence Life Staff is pleased that you are joining us.  It is our intention to provide an environment in which you and learn and grow.  We work hard at it, but we need your help in creating positive living learning communities.

This handbook gives you specific information about Residence Life as well as various policies and procedures.  It is your responsibility to be familiar with the information and policies outlined in this handbook, as well as the information and policies in the housing contract and the Linfield Student Handbook. 

We hope you will take advantage of all the opportunities and programs offered this year through Residence Life.  The keys to a successful living learning environment are communication and mutual respect.  This handbook has been designed to promote discussion and understanding.  Please feel free to call upon your Resident Advisor, Residence Life Assistants, Area Director, or myself for assistance or clarification. 

Have a great year!
D. Jeff Mackay

Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life
110 Melrose Hall

Living and Learning at Linfield College

As a result of their experience in College Housing, residents will develop skills in four areas: Living in Community, Effective Communication, Valuing Diversity, and Skills for Success and Wellness.

As a result of living in College Housing, residents will be able to:

  1. Understand their community’s standards and values, and consider the impact of their choices on others in a sustainable community.
  2. Develop skills for effective interpersonal communication and collaboration.
  3. Value the benefits of a community diverse in culture, ethnicity, socio-economics, sexual orientation, religion, and other identities. 
  4. Develop skills for success and wellness in their personal and academic lives.

Table of Contents

Campus Offices and Resources

  • Athletics
  • Career Development
  • Chaplain & Religious Life
  • College Activities
  • College Public Safety (CPS)
  • Community Engagement & Service
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Financial Aid
  • Integrated Technology Services (ITS)
  • International Programs Office (IPO)
  • Learning Support Services
  • Library
  • Multicultural Programs
  • Registrar
  • Residence Life
  • Student Accounts/ Cashier
  • Student Health, Wellness & Counseling
  • Writing Center

Student Leadership Opportunities

  • Academic Advising
    • Peer Advisor (PA)
  • Chaplain & Religious Life
    • Chaplain’s Team
    • Faith-Based Clubs
  • Community Engagement & Service
    • Change Corps
  • Multicultural Programs
    • Wildcat Intercultural Network (WIN)
    • Multicultural Clubs
  • Residence Life
    • Resident Advisor (RA)
    • Residence Hall Association (RHA)
      • Hall Presidents
      • Green Chairs
      • Wellness Chairs
      • Birthday Chairs
      • Senators for Residence Life
    • Peer Conduct Board
  • Student Activities
    • Associated Students of Linfield College (ASLC)
    • Linfield Activities Board (LAB)
    • Senate
    • Student Clubs & Organizations
    • Greek Life

Housing Process

  • Check-in Procedures
  • Check-out Procedures
  • Housing Registration
  • ID Cards*
  • January and Spring Term Housing
    • January Housing
  • Lockouts*
  • Locks and Keys*
  • Meal Plan Requirements
  • Off Campus Housing Exemption
  • Room Consolidation & Extra Space
  • Vacation & Summer Housing

Residence Hall and Apartment Buildings

  • Cable TV
    • Check out
    • Check in
  • CATNET Computer and Telephone Connections
  • Cleaning*
  • Custodial Service & Maintenance*
  • Damages/Vandalism*
  • Hall & Apartment Facilities
    • Asbestos – suburbs only
    • Barbeques*
    • Bathrooms*
      • Apartments & suites
      • Residence Halls
    • Furniture*
    • Kitchens*
      • Residence Halls
      • Suburbs
    • Landry
    • Light bulbs
    • Soft drink Machines
    • Sprinkler Systems*
    • Storage
    • Walls
  • Health/Safety & Workorder Inspections*
  • Pests
  • Recycling & Trash
  • Utilities
  • Workorders

Living in Residence

  • Animals*
  • Closed Areas*
  • Electrical Appliances*
  • Fire Safety*
    • Fire Evacuation Points
    • Fire Evacuation Procedure*
    • Fire Safety and Hazards
  • Guests/Visitation Policy*
    • General Policy
    • Overnight Guests
  • Hall Access and Propped Doors*
  • Hall Meetings*
  • Personal Property and Liability
  • Prohibited Items*
    • Weapons*
    • Weapons Policy*
  • Roommates
    • Roommate Challenges
  • Safety and Security*
  • Smoking*
  • Quiet and Courtesy hours*