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 Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA)

  • International Designation: Kappa Mu
  • Founded: 1898
  • Came to Linfield: 1998
  • Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Colors: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey
  • Flower: White Violet 
  • Symbol: Five-pointed crown
  • Spring 2015 GPA: 3.234
  • Membership Costs: Fall semester: $254  Spring semester: $257
  • New Member Costs: Fall semester: $414  Spring semester: $501
The Sisters of Zeta Tau Alpha

Please visit Zeta Tau Alpha's National website.

Zeta Tau Alpha is a national fraternity for women established in 1898 in Farmville, Va., and became a part of the Linfield Greek community in 1998. ZTA has 164 active collegiate chapters and more than 236,000 members worldwide; one of the nation’s largest Greek women’s groups. We are a group of women whose values center on academics, sisterhood, philanthropy, charity, and athletics. The women of Zeta Tau Alpha follow their open motto to ‘Seek the Noblest’ in academics, sisterhood, and philanthropy.

ZTA’s official philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness, which has a created partnership with the NFL. Zeta Tau Alpha is partnered with all 32 NFL teams and has earned the title of official fan outreach partner for the NFL's "A Crucial Catch" campaign. During the month of October our members pass out pink ribbons, information, and do their best to "pink out" the campus in support of our philanthropy. Also, Think Pink® is a registered trademark of Zeta Tau Alpha.  The women of ZTA share a special bond with each other and place our sisterhood as an important aspect within our lives. Zeta Tau Alpha looks for women who will better our chapter through our core values and personal goals to achieve.

Fall 2015 Chapter Officers:
President: Savannah Smith
Vice President 1: Monica Molina
Vice President 2: Nikki Howick
Vice President 3: Celena Byerlee
Secretary: Emily Erbin
Treasurer: Vanesa Woolhiser
Rituals: Lauren Elledge
Academics: Morgan Folsom
Risk Management Officer: Rihanna Mathisen
Historian: Teighlor Tanaka
LPC Delegate: Allyson Ortner

Robbin Kotouc
Zeta Tau Alpha's Crest