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Sigma Kappa Phi

  • International Designation: Local
  • Came to Linfield: April 18, 1924 
  • Fall 2013 GPA: 3.291

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Meet the sisters of Sigma Kappa Phi, Linfield’s local and oldest sorority. They were founded April 18th, 1924 by a dedicated group of Linfield junior and senior women. Sigma Kappa Phis have been an integral part of the establishment of Greek Life here on campus. Their members are accepting, loyal, and honest. Sigma Kappa Phi prizes sincerity, intelligence, generosity, modesty, and awesomeness. Their official philanthropy is Homeward Bound Pets, a local no-kill animal shelter out of Dayton, Oregon. As Linfield’s local sorority, Sigma Kappa Phi believes it important to have a local organization as its philanthropy so that they can give back to the community. Sigma Kappa Phis also work with Henderson House domestic violence shelter and many other local volunteer groups. The purpose of their sorority is to promote a spirit of cooperation in group projects, to further friendships through, to give back through community service, and to find enjoyment in everything they do. They held the highest GPA of any Greek organization at Linfield for 2008.  Last Spring the ladies of Sigma Kappa Phi went to the beach for a lovely retreat and started a flamingo “Flocking” fundraiser in the community for Homeward Bound Pets, which they hope will turn into an annual event. Sigma Kappa Phi encourages you to go through Formal Recruitment to discover all the wonderful things Greek Life has to offer.

Spring 2014 Officers

President: Janelle Pharris
Vice President: LJ Liehti
Social Coordinator: Peggy Barrett
Sisterhood Coordinator: Caren Siegel 
Secretary: Stacey Strovink
Treasurer: Isabella Porporato
New Member Educator: Nicole Lewis
Sergeant-at-arms: Amber Hay