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Greek Life

Linfield Scenic

Sigma Kappa Phi (ΣKΦ)

  • International Designation: Local
  • Founded: April 18, 1924
  • Came to Linfield: April 18, 1924
  • Philanthropy: Homeward Bound Pets
  • Colors: Green, White, and Yellow
  • Flower: Talisman Rose
  • Symbol: Salamander
  • Spring 2015 GPA: 3.260
  • Membership Costs: Fall semester: $170  Spring semester: $170
  • New Member Costs: Fall semester: $215  Spring semester $215

The Sisters of Sigma Kappa Phi
Sigma Kappa Phi is Linfield's only local sorority. Founded in 1924, we pride ourselves on our rich history and diverse membership. We value academic excellence and community involvement on and off campus. Our philanthropy is Homeward Bound Pets, and many of our sisters are active members of Greenfield, Fusion and other student organizations. Through communication and cooperation we seek to build bonds of friendship that last a lifetime. Sigma Kappa Phi's values are loyalty, acceptance, sincerity, scholarship, and community. We welcome women with an interest in bettering themselves and the world. We believe every woman is unique and has something beautiful and truly remarkable within them that will make us all better. In Sigma Kappa Phi we strive to create a comfortable and productive space to grow as women and leaders. Please be sure to follow us on Facebook!

Spring 2016 Chapter Officers:
President: Rho Gamma
Vice President: Angela Butterfield
Treasurer: Leanne Pacheco
Social Chair: TBA
Sisterhood Coordinator: Lauren Orr
Sisterhood Educator: Kayla Lindsey
Risk Management & Academics: TBA
Sergeant-at-Arms: Emily Wells
Secretary: Leanne Pacheco
LPC Delegate: Sarah Hutchison

Erin Colvin
Juliet Sloan
Sigma Kappa Phi's