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Theta Chi (ΘΧ)

  • International Designation: Delta Alpha
  • Founded: 1856
  • Came to Linfield: 1949
  • Philanthropy: TBA
  • Colors: Military Red and White
  • Flower: Red Carnation
  • Symbol: Rattlesnake
  • Fall 2014 GPA: 3.070
  • Membership Costs: $275
  • New Member Costs: $310 ($60 dues, $250 initiation fee)
  • Rent per semester: $2000 per semester
  • Jan-Term Rent: $100

Theta Chi Membership

Meet the Delta Alpha chapter of Theta Chi, established here at Linfield in 1949. Theta Chi was first founded on April 10th, 1856 at Norwich University. Theta Chi alumni are deeply rooted in the Linfield and McMinnville communities. Their brothers are athletic, driven, and leadership oriented. Theta Chi values creativity, motivation, sociability, and the lost art of chivalry. Their main philanthropy events are an annual donation drive known as 12 Days of Christmas and a Relay for Life Dinner. Theta Chi also donates to Yamhill County Food Bank, Henderson House, and Salvation Army. Last year the brothers participated in Think Pink Week (in coordination with Zeta Tau Alpha sorority) and 3rd Street Cleanup. They also went on a brotherhood paintballing excursion. Theta Chi fraternity is a cornucopia of information, knowledge, and fun. They invite you to come to the house to learn about the brothers, your school, and yourself. Please visit our national website.

Spring 2015 Chapter Officers:
President: Sam Krier
Vice President: Austin Lee
Secretary: Blake Chamberlain
Treasurer: Stephen Nnabue
Risk Management Officer: James (Kela) Grace
VP of Health & Safety: Keaton Scavone
Social Chair: Jack Chapman
Recruitment Chair: Austin Hall
Philanthropy Chair: George Saul
Alumni Relations: Will Heck
House Manager: Josh Cowell
Marshall: Andy Pratt
Chaplain: Mike Nichols
Guards: Thad Cox & Andrew Schwieterman

Buzz Stroud
Theta Chi's Crest