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Kappa Sigma

Kappa Sigma House

  • International Designation: Mu Eplison
  • Established: 1983
  • Color: Emerald Green, Scarlett, and White
  • Fall 2013 GPA: 2.722
  • Membership Costs: TBA
  • Rent per semester: TBA

Please visit Kappa Sigma's Chapter website and national website.

Meet the Mu Epsilon chapter of Kappa Sigma, founded at Linfield in 1983. The Kappa Sigma fraternity traces its origins back to Bologna, Italy, in 1400. Today, Kappa Sigma has more undergraduate members than any other college fraternity in North America.  The brothers are diverse, dedicated, and diligent. The members proudly uphold their four pillars of fellowship, leadership, scholarship, and service. Kappa Sigma’s volunteer with the Military Heroes Campaign, which provides residence for the families of the armed forces who were injured in the line of duty. They also do work with the Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. In fact, they have the most community service hours of any organization at Linfield College. They also have the largest fraternity membership and the highest fraternity GPA for the past two years. Kappa Sigma would like you to come join the Greek community, make the most of your college experience, and see how a brother is different than a friend.


President: Kameron Hutchens
Vice President: Kyle Davis
Risk Management Officer: Kyle Davis
Social Chair: Steffan Schirle and Tom Steelhammer
Recruitment Chair: Tyler Miller


Jeff Crapper 

Kappa Sigma Crest