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Delta Psi Delta (ΔΨΔ)

  • International Designation: Local
  • Founded: 1904
  • Came to Linfield: 1904
  • Philanthropy: TBA
  • Colors: Green and White
  • Symbol: Skull
  • Spring 2014 GPA: 2.761
  • Membership Costs: $350
  • Rent per semester for single room: $1759

The Delta Brothers

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Delta Psi Delta fraternity in many ways represents the “power of a small college” that Linfield stands for. As the oldest local fraternity in the Pacific Northwest, Delta has been a cornerstone of the Linfield community since its establishment in 1904. Our small and very close brotherhood offers worthy young men a chance to be seen and heard rather than lost in a crowd. We emphasize good character and interesting personalities in our recruitment, rather than any specific “type.” This means that unique individuals who make up our chapter are involved in a diverse array of activities on campus including athletics, community engagement, student government, and various clubs. The fraternity regularly volunteers to aid organizations such as the National MS Society, YCAP and Linfield College Sustainability (Greenfield). You’ll definitely notice Delta brothers on campus (most likely in the IM field with a Frisbee) and we’re looking forward to meeting you.

Fall 2014 Chapter Officers:
President: Michael Zier
Vice President: Kahleb Dixon
Treasurer: Adam Hernandez
Risk Management Officer: Doug Sundman
Social Chair: Alex Lazar
Recruitment Chair: Dillion Lytsel

Delta Psi Delta