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2013-14 Linfield Fund Midyear Report

Julian Adoff, with his classmates during their Jan-Term Class, Religion and Politics in Turkey
Julian Adoff and his classmates during their Jan Term course, Religion and Politics in Turkey. Photo credit: Sarah Miller

Throughout Linfield College’s rich history, the student experience has never wavered. From strong academic programs in 48 majors, to a personalized education enhanced by a faculty-student ratio of 11:1, and countless extracurricular activities ranging from study abroad, student government, and athletics, donors, like you, are the reason why current students are thriving in and out of the classroom. Thank you for supporting the Linfield Fund, which directly impacts the success of our students and secures the future for many more Wildcats to come.

Julian Adoff, a sophomore, knew Linfield was the college for him because of the chances to be actively involved in a nurturing environment.  Not only is Julian the Student Alumni Association Volunteer Chair, a member of the ASLC Senate, and the Information Director of KSLC 90.3 FM, but he also participated as a researcher for the Oregon Wine History Project, discovering the role Latinos and Latinas play in the Oregon wine industry. Gifts to the Linfield Fund create opportunities in which students are able to explore their interests and translate their education in the classroom and beyond, into real-world experience.

Your gifts, coupled with the dedication of the college’s faculty and staff supported the legacy of a Linfield education and provided more than 400 scholarships and financial aid to 96 percent of students. US News and World Report ranked Linfield programs among the top in the nation this past year. Aside from the strong academic courses, students have the opportunity to participate in more than 350 leadership positions, and nearly 50 percent of our students choose to study abroad in 21 countries. During the 2014 Jan Term, Julian and a few of his classmates moved their classroom to the other side of the world to study Religion and Politics in Turkey.

"I am forever grateful for all that I have been able to do while I have been here, and for what I will continue to do for the next two and a half years, but above all, I love all the friends that I have been able to make. Living in such a tight-knit community is life changing, and one of a kind. Thank you for making this possible."  -Julian Adoff '16 

Because of your generosity, many students like Julian are able to succeed at Linfield College. Thank you for giving back to a place that does so much for its students, alumni and community. 

For more information about making a gift to Linfield, contact the annual giving department at 503.883.2111.

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