Delta Psi Delta (ΔΨΔ)

Delta Psi Delta fraternity in many ways represents Linfield's “Power of a Small College” slogan. As the oldest local fraternity in the Pacific Northwest, Delta has been a cornerstone of the Linfield community since its establishment in 1904. Our small and very close brotherhood offers driven young men a chance to develop themselves comfortably and competitively among peers. We are here to experience college based on the ideals we educate ourselves towards.

We look for individuals with insatiable curiosity and the desire to delve into a limitless range of topics for the betterment of intellectual development, boisterous banter, and personal growth. We're interested in recruiting men with unique character and interesting personalities. We like to inspire and cultivate diversity in our members from ethnic background, to career interests, majors, hobbies, religious beliefs, and Delta is a place for all individuals regardless of their place in the Linfield community. We also provide merit based scholarship opportunities for our members. 

We host an annual community Haunted House event, where we partner with Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority (ZTA) and Yamhill County Action Partnership (YCAP) to raise funds and food donations. As part of our "Sustainaternity" goal, we have partnered with ZeroWaste McMinnville, Linfield Garden, and Duncan Reid (Linfield's Sustainability Coordinator and Delta's faculty advisor) in pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle. 

If you ever see a Delta member, we welcome spontaneous conversations or a warm "Hello!". We believe learning starts with curiosity, and critical thinking is piqued through engaging in conversation and collaboration. Together we can seize Linfield's Motto: "The Power of a Small College.”

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The Brothers of Delta Psi Delta in front of their chapter house

  • International Designation: Local
  • Founded: 1904
  • Came to Linfield: 1904
  • Philanthropy: Zero Waste McMinnville
  • Colors: Green and White
  • Symbol: Skull
  • Spring 2017 GPA: 2.760
  • Membership Costs: $350 per semester
  • Rent per semester for single room: $2750

Spring 2017 Chapter Officers:
President: Peter Schafer
Vice President: Mohamed Toure
Treasurer: Melvin van Hurck
House Manager: Tito Mauseth
Social Chair: Justin Grodem
IFC Delegate: Luke Fia
Delta Psi Delta