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Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunches

Hosted by the Office of Academic Affairs

Meridith Symons will have lunch tickets available for you to pick up in advance, and you may choose what you'd like to eat in Dillin. You may use the meal ticket before or after the presentation but you might want to arrive a little early to get through Dillin lines prior to the meeting.


PLACE, A Conversation

Thursday, April 16 from 11:45am-12:30pm in the President's Dining Room
Presented by Jennifer Heath and Susan Currie Sivek


The PLACE program is now in its third year, and themes for the upcoming three years have been chosen. Students, faculty and staff have become engaged into each year’s theme through coursework and events, hopefully strengthening a sense of intellectual community. We will briefly review the foundations of this program, and our ideas for the upcoming years. This will be followed by an informal discussion of possible future directions this program could take. We hope you will join us to share your exciting ideas for the future.

Designing and Teaching Jan Term Travel Courses

Tuesday, April 21 from 11:45am-12:30pm in Dillin NW
Presented by Deborah Canepa, Charles Dunn, and David Sumner

January Term off-campus courses provide rich opportunities for faculty and students alike; however, until you have taught and led one, the challenge of putting a new course together can seem daunting. This session will cover the expectations for off-campus courses, including the timeline, itineraries, syllabi, and safety concerns. In addition, we will discuss the resources that both experienced faculty and the International Programs Office can provide.

Case Studies on Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum at Linfield

Tuesday, April 30 from 11:45am-12:30pm in the President's Dining Room
Presented by Duncan Reid

At the end of Spring semester 2014, a group of faculty gathered to learn how to integrate sustainability more fully into their courses. Over the past year, a Faculty Sustainability Learning Community has emerged and initiated a process to inventory the course catalog to determine which existing courses are potentially sustainability-related or focused. Join this multi-disciplinary group of your peers to learn about the process of integrating sustainability into their respective courses, and the development of the sustainability catalog inventory. The first 10 attendees will receive $25 in McMinnville Downtown Dollars.

CoursEval Customization

Tuesday, May 12 from 11:45am-12:30pm in Dillin NW
Presented by Mindy Larson

Please join us for an initial discussion about the process and types of questions we might like to add to our online course evaluations.