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Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunches

Hosted by the Office of Academic Affairs

Centralized Teaching and Learning Discussion

A theme that was consistently reinforced during last year’s Faculty Teaching and Learning Lunches was the need for a single location for faculty development resources. These might be resources for new and improved pedagogy, instructional technology, or evaluation of teaching effectiveness. Many other institutions have such a center, often called a Center for Teaching and Learning, but Linfield uses a more decentralized model for our faculty development programs. Perhaps it is time to change this model. Please join us to explore the desire, feasibility, and ultimate shape of such a center.

Thursday, October 23
11:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
**Dillin Hall Walnut Room**

Amy Scholer will have lunch tickets available for you to pick up in advance, and you may choose what you'd like to eat in Dillin. You may use the meal ticket before or after the presentation but you might want to arrive a little early to get through Dillin lines prior to the meeting.  



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