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Sabbatical and Leave Funding

There are many sources for sabbatical and leave funding. Below is a list of some resources to consider. The list is by no means complete. If you learn of others that might be of interest to your colleagues, please email the webmaster and they will be added to the list.

This list was originally kindly provided by the University of Minnesota Morris

AMS Publication on Subventions
The Publications Committee of the American Musicological Society makes available funds to help with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, articles, special issues of journals, and works in non-print media. Individual authors or editors, or their sponsoring organization, society, or department, may apply for assistance to defray costs not covered by publishers, such as illustrations, musical examples, facsimiles, accompanying audio or video examples, and permissions. They encourage the submission of proposals from younger scholars and scholars in the early stages of their careers and welcome proposals for projects that make use of newer technologies.

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
John J. and Anna H. Gallagher Fellowship for the Study of the Rarer Microscopic, Multicellular Invertebrate Animals, with Priority for the Study of Rotifera

The sponsor offers an opportunity for original postdoctoral or sabbatical research on the systematics of microscopic invertebrates. The project must be based at the Academy, although field work and visits to other museum collections are encouraged, and the scope should be narrow enough to permit completion during a period of up to twelve months. The research focus must be on systematics and may employ ecological, behavioral, physiological, molecular or developmental tools. The Academy affords many opportunities for collaboration with other systematists, and there are also rotifer ecologists.

Alston/Bannerman Fellowship Program
The Alston/Bannerman Fellowship Program is committed to advancing progressive social change by helping to sustain long-time activists of color. The program, which honors those who have devoted their lives to helping their communities organize for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice, provides resources for organizers to take sabbaticals for reflection and renewal.

American Academy in Berlin
The American Academy in Berlin provides a unique bridge between Germany and America - a bridge created through the scholarship and creativity of distinguished individuals involved in cultural, academic, and public affairs.

Academy Fellows are sought from the fine arts including painting, sculpture, music, film, and drama; scholarly disciplines such as art history, history, philosophy, sociology, political science, and public policy; as well as from professional fields including architecture, law, business, economics and journalism. Fellows are encouraged to take up an association with a Berlin institution such as a museum, library, archive, university, government agency, film studio or media organization.

American Association of University Women
The AAUW Educational Foundation, the largest source of funding exclusively for graduate women in the world, supports aspiring scholars around the globe, teachers and activists in local communities, women at critical stages of their careers, and those pursuing professions where women are underrepresented.

American Chemical Society
Undergraduate Faculty Sabbatical Grants (PRF)

Grants are intended to help provide year-long, full-time research experiences that will inspire and rejuvenate the awardees and their research programs. It is anticipated that participation in this program will have long-term benefits not only for the participating faculty members but also for their students and home institutions.

American Council of Learned Societies
The ACLS Fellowship Program invites research applications in all disciplines of the humanities and humanities-related social sciences. Appropriate fields of specialization include but are not limited to: anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, geography, history, languages and literatures, law, linguistics, musicology, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology. Proposals in the social science fields listed above are eligible only if they employ predominantly humanistic approaches (e.g., economic history, law and literature, political philosophy). Proposals in interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary studies are welcome, as are proposals focused on any geographic region or on any cultural or linguistic group. ACLS does not fund creative work (e.g., novels or films), textbooks, straightforward translation, or pedagogical projects.

They offer many, many fellowships, including but not limited to the following:

ACLS/SSRC/NEH International and Area Studies Fellowships

ACLS/ New York Public Library Fellowships ACLS/ New York Public Library Fellowships

ACLS/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowships for Junior Faculty

Library of Congress Fellowships in International Studies

Postdoctoral Fellowships in East European Studies

American Institute of Indian Studies
Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellowships

Available to established scholars who have not previously specialized in Indian studies and to established professionals who have not previously worked or studied in India . Senior Scholarly/Professional Development Fellows are formally affiliated with an Indian institution. Awards may be granted for periods of six to nine months.

American Philosophical Society
Sabbatical Fellowship

The American Philosophical Society (APS) announces a fellowship in the humanities and social sciences to supplement an awarded sabbatical or research leave. The fellowship is open to mid-career faculty of universities and four-year colleges in the United States who have been granted a sabbatical or research leave, but for whom financial support from the parent institution is available for only the first part of the year. The society encourages candidates to use the resources of the APS library, but this is not a requirement of the fellowship.

American Political Science Association
The Association brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors in order to expand awareness and understanding of political life.

American Society for Microbiology

ASM provides funds to students, postdoctoral fellows, and early and mid-career scientists to conduct research and participate in activities that encourage professional growth in a new area. Funds may be available for stipends, housing, travel, and membership in ASM. Check individual program for more information.

AMS Publication on Subventions
The Publications Committee of the American Musicological Society makes available funds to help with expenses involved in the publication of works of musical scholarship, including books, articles, special issues of journals, and works in non-print media. Individual authors or editors, or their sponsoring organization, society, or department, may apply for assistance to defray costs not covered by publishers, such as illustrations, musical examples, facsimiles, accompanying audio or video examples, and permissions. They encourage the submission of proposals from younger scholars and scholars in the early stages of their careers and welcome proposals for projects that make use of newer technologies.

Andrew Mellon Foundation
Makes grants to institutions in higher education, in cultural affairs and the performing arts, in population, in conservation and the environment, and in public affairs.

Archeological Institute of America
Many awards available, including:

Publications Grant
The Archaeological Institute of America established the Publications Grant to offer an annual stipend worth $5,000 to assist scholars in preparing, completing, and publishing results of their field research.

Olivia James Traveling Fellowship
The Institute will award $22,000 as a single fellowship, for work to be conducted between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006 . The award is to be used for travel and study in Greece , the Aegean Islands , Sicily , Southern Italy , Asia Minor or Mesopotamia .

Helen M. Woodruff Fellowship of the AIA and the American Academy in Rome
A pre- or post-doctoral fellowship for study of archaeology and classical studies has been established by the Institute at the American Academy in Rome. This Fellowship, combined with other funds from the American Academy in Rome , will support a Rome Prize Fellowship that will be open to citizens or permanent residents of the United States

Anna C. & Oliver C. Colburn Fellowship
One fellowship, with a stipend of $11,000, will be awarded for the academic year 2006-2007 to an applicant contingent upon his or her acceptance as an incoming Associate Member or Student Associate Member of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Harriet and Leon Pomerance Fellowship
One fellowship carrying a stipend of $4,000 will be awarded for the academic year 2005-2006 to enable a person to work on an individual project of a scholarly nature related to Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology.

The Archaeology of Portugal Fellowship
The Archaeological Institute of America announces that funding is available to support projects pertaining to the archaeology of Portugal . These include, but are not limited to, research projects, colloquia, symposia, publication, research-related travel, or travel to academic meetings for the purpose of presenting papers on the archaeology of Portugal.

Argonne National Laboratory
The program is intended to provide mutual benefits to the faculty members and the Laboratory. In addition to bringing about fruitful research activity, it provides Argonne scientists and engineers and visiting faculty opportunities to develop a strengthened rapport and deepened appreciation of mutual needs and interests pertaining to research and development, and to catalyze the formation of continuing research partnerships and collaborations.

Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
Programs include Private Higher Education, Secondary Education, Religion (Graduate Theological Education), Health Care (Caring Attitudes), and Public Television.

Association for Asian Studies
Offer grants for short-term travel to Japan and Korea . The grant is intended for use by scholars already familiar with the country but who need time there in order to complete their work.

Association for Institutional Research
Grants and scholarships supported by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) are available to staff and faculty of post-secondary education institutions. The goals of the grant and scholarship program are to provide opportunities for professional development, to foster the use of federal databases in postsecondary education decision-making, and to foster the use of the federal databases to inform research on issues in postsecondary education.

Association of American Geographers
Grants and awards supporting doctoral dissertation, writing, and research in the field of geography. Other sponsors which fund projects outside of geography: East-West Center Visiting Fellowships and National Geographic Society- Committee for Research and Exploration Awards.

Australian National University (ANU); Humanities Research Centre
Visiting Fellowship

The Humanities Research Centre was established by the Australian National University in 1972 to foster innovative research in the humanities and provides funds to support both scholars of demonstrated achievement and promising younger scholars to work in the centre. Each year the centre concentrates on a special theme of enquiry and applications are particularly welcomed from scholars with interest in the theme. Visiting Fellows are expected to participate in the centre's programs, meet regularly with other fellows, make public presentations of their research (Work-in-Progress seminars), and avail themselves of other opportunities for interchange. Visitors must be in residence for the duration of their appointment.

The centre offers the following:

1. Visiting Fellowships (with grant)

2. Visiting Fellowships (with partial grant)

3. Sabbatical Fellowships (without grant): Staff from other universities and cultural institutions are encouraged to use the facilities of the centre and the ANU and contribute to its intellectual life during their outside studies program. These awards do not provide financial assistance, and are dependent on the availability of office space in the centre.

4. Travel assistance to other Australian institutions must be applied for preferably at the same time as the application and well in advance in accepting the invitation to speak at the another Institution. If granted, it's the applicant's responsibility to make certain the Humanities Research Centre is fully acknowledged.

Boston University
Visiting Research Fellowships

The Institute on Race and Social Division (IRSD), a multidisciplinary research program at Boston University, sponsors teaching, research, and public discussion related to economic, political, and cultural conflicts among groups defined by race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and linguistic identity. The institute invites applications from all disciplines for postdoctoral research fellowships to be awarded for the academic year 2001 to 2002 to outstanding scholars interested in devoting a year in residence at Boston University to writing on the theme of "race and social division" broadly construed.

Bunting Institute Of Radcliffe College (See Radcliffe Institute Fellows)

Campus Compact
Campus Compact is a national coalition of more than 900 college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education. To support this civic mission, Campus Compact promotes community service that develops students' citizenship skills and values, encourages partnerships between campuses and communities, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.

Cattell Fund, James McKeen
Supplemental Sabbatical Awards

The James McKeen Cattell Fund Fellowships is offering supplemental sabbatical awards in psychology. These awards are designed to supplement sabbatical allowances provided by colleges and universities, so that each awardee may be able to take enough time to complete the objectives of the sabbatical period. The objective of the awards is to encourage research and scholarly endeavor on the part of the psychologists at colleges and universities.

Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts
Visiting Senior Fellowship Program

Applications will be considered for study in the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, prints and drawings, film, photography, decorative arts, industrial design, etc.) of any geographical area and of any period. Applications are also solicited from scholars in other disciplines whose work examines artifacts or has implications for the analysis and criticism of physical form.

Center for the Education of Women (See University of Michigan)

Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (CCKF); American Region
Grants for Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors

A one-year grant is available for assistant, associate, and full professors. The grant will provide funds to help replace half of the salary of faculty on sabbatical or for time off for research and writing.

Columbia University ; Center for Study of Law and Culture
Fellowships and Visitorships

The Center for the Study of Law and Culture (CSLS) at Columbia University invites applications for residential fellowships and sabbatical visitorships for the academic year to undertake research, writing, and discussion in ways that span traditional academic disciplines. The CSLC welcomes scholars from any field who are interested in spending the academic year in residence at Columbia Law School working on scholarly projects relating to the CSLC's theme: law, culture, and citizenship. In addition, fellows will be expected to participate in CSLC activities, assist in organizing a spring conference on law, culture, and citizenship, and will present a paper at the center's colloquium series.

Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes
Established in 1988, the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes serves as a site for the discussion of issues germane to the fostering of crossdisciplinary activity and as a network for the circulation of information and the sharing of resources. It has a membership of over one hundred and thirty centers and institutes that are remarkably diverse in size and scope and are located in the United States , Australia , Canada , Denmark , The Netherlands, Germany , Russia , China , France , the United Kingdom , and other countries.

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science
Visiting Faculty and Postdoctoral Fellowships Program

The sponsor offers in-residence fellowships to scientists with research interests in the areas of: advanced observing and modeling systems; climate system variability; geodynamics; planetary metabolism and regional processes.

ADVANCED OBSERVING AND MODELING SYSTEMS--includes atmospheric chemistry; atmosphere and ocean physical parameters; cryosphere; data centers and data management; ecosystem and environmental modeling; remote sensing of terrestrial properties; non-linear systems; and space weather.

CLIMATE SYSTEM VARIABILITY--includes detection of climate modes, trends, and variability; mechanisms and forcings of climate variability; stratospheric ozone depletion; prediction of climate variability; and development of extreme events and rapid climate change.

GEODYNAMICS--at its most basic level, the goal of geodynamics is to better understand the process of convection within the Earth's mantle, and of how that convection affects the surface of our planet.

PLANETARY METABOLISM--includes biogeochemical cycling; biosphere-atmosphere interactions; response of natural systems to perturbations; and transport and fate of chemicals in the biosphere.

REGIONAL PROCESSES--includes region-specific impacts of climate variability and extreme events; atmospheric chemical forecasting; regional air quality; intercontinental transport and chemical transformation; surface/atmosphere exchange; hydrological cycles in weather and climate; and high latitude regional processes.

INTEGRATING ACTIVITIES--the production of rigorous, cutting-edge science and technology, the sharing of such knowledge and techniques with students from kindergarten to post-graduate levels, and to developing the significance of scientific and technological discovery for a wide range of decision makers in public, private, and non-governmental settings.

Council for Christian Campuses and Universities Initiative Grants
The purpose of this program is to enable small groups of Christian scholars to network in ways that will lead to individual and collaborative scholarship on focused themes of keen interest to the larger academy. Any discipline is encouraged to submit a proposal which demonstrates potential for Christian perspectives on the theme to make an important contribution to conversations in the academy.

Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)
Fulbright Scholar Program; Grants for U.S. Faculty and Professionals; Country Programs; Europe ; Finland

For over 50 years, the Fulbright Program has offered U.S. faculty, professionals, teachers, and students the opportunity to conduct research, teach, or study abroad and to make a major contribution to global understanding. The program also brings foreign nationals to the United States to study, teach, and pursue research. The Fulbright Scholar Program, the senior scholar component of the Fulbright Program, offers grants for college and university faculty, as well as for professionals and independent scholars. Approximately one-quarter are for research and three-quarters for lecturing, combined lecturing or research, or seminar participation. Multicountry research is offered in some regions. The Council offers multiple opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

Award 4272 is for the professional development project they wish to pursue in Finland . The grant is meant for professionals in all fields except medicine.

Cyril O. Houle Scholars in Adult Ed
Funded by theW.K. Kellogg Fdn. -- Program Support is provided to foster emerging scholars who will make a significant contribution to the field of adult education. Awards of $20,000 per year for two years are available. Eligible applicants must be citizens of Southern Africa , Mexico , or the U.S. , be in the early years of their professional career in adult education and be currently employed in a research-related position in adult education.

David and Lucile Packard Foundation
The Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations in the following broad program areas: conservation; population; science; children, families, and communities; arts; and organizational effectiveness and philanthropy. The Foundation provides national and international grants, and also has a special focus on the Northern California Counties of San Mateo , Santa Clara , Santa Cruz , and Monterey.

Department of Education (US)
Don't forget to check for federal sources for funding. There are many opportunities for a wide variety of purposes.

Environmental Protection Agency
EPA's mission is to protect human health and to safeguard the natural environment - air, water, and land - upon which life depends. For 30 years, EPA has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people. The agency offers multiple grants, fellowships, and research associateships in those areas.

European University Institute
Jean Monnet Fellowships

ean Monnet Fellowships are awarded in order to allow the pursuit or continuance of post-doctoral research with no heavy teaching obligations. This research must lead to publication (articles or a monograph), either under the Institute's imprint (for instance in the form of a working paper), or in a journal or with a publisher with which the Fellow is already in contact. Work must fall within one of the following three major categories: (a) comparative research in a European perspective; (b) research on the European Communities or on a topic of interest for the development of Europe; (c) fundamental research, provided that it relates to an innovative subject of importance in one of the disciplines contributing to the development of Europe's cultural and academic heritage.

Fellows carry out their research in one of the Institute's four departments: History and Civilisation, Economics, Law, Political and Social Sciences, or in the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies which develops interdisciplinary activities bearing on important issues, principally the construction of Europe.

Fetzer Institute
The Fetzer Institute is a nonprofit private operating foundation that supports research, education, and service programs exploring the integral relationships among body, mind, and spirit. Our current program focus includes the areas of science, leadership, integral practice, and philanthropy.

Five College Women's Studies Research Center
The Five College Women's Studies Research Center, founded in 1991, supports scholarly and creative work in women's studies by providing visiting residencies for feminist scholars, teachers, artists, and activists from the United States and abroad; creating a structure for Five College faculty, local community activists, and teachers with research interests in women's studies to discuss, critique, and facilitate one another's work: sponsoring faculty seminars, community workshops, and networking events on topics of importance to women's studies; organizing national and international conferences on scholarship and teaching in women's studies encouraging the use of archival collections on women in the Five College area.

Folger Shakespeare Library
The Folger Shakespeare Library offers a limited number of residential fellowships for periods of six to nine months. Successful candidates will be advanced scholars who have made substantial contributions in their fields and whose research projects are appropriate to the collections of the Folger Library.

Ford Foundation
Their mission is to improve the quality of life in the community and to enhance individual opportunity through education. They support educational programs primarily within three main areas: higher education, classroom teaching and learning, and international education.

Fromm Music Foundation
The Fromm Music Foundation aims to strengthen composition, the vital source of musical culture, and to bring contemporary concert music closer to the public.

Our commitment to music as a living art has taken us in several directions, all focused on bringing about meaningful interaction among composers, performers, and audiences. Specifically, we have sought to influence the contemporary musical scene by:

o Commissioning young and less known composers as well as established composers;

o Sponsoring the annual Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard Concert Series;

o Co-sponsoring, together with new music ensembles, premiere performances of Fromm Foundation commissioned works.

Fulbright (See CEIS)

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); Special Programs
Short Term Lectureships

Canadian and U.S. colleges and universities are invited to apply for shared financial support to invite German academics in all fields, notably university faculty, to teach for a period of one to six months at the host institution. This program is designed to help fill a curricular gap or to act as a stimulus for teaching and research in the department concerned.

Getty (J. Paul) Trust
Theme-Year Scholars--Visiting Scholars

The sponsor offers a monthly stipend award to established scholars, artists, or writers who have attained distinction in their fields in the arts, humanities, or social sciences to pursue projects related to the sponsor's annual theme. Scholars are usually in residence three months. Recipients are in residence at the Getty Research Institute, where they pursue their research free from academic obligations, make use of the Getty collections, join colleagues in a weekly meeting devoted to the annual theme, and participate in the intellectual life of the Getty Center . The theme for the 2004-2005 academic year is Duration. The sponsor welcomes applications from researchers in the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences whose projects bear upon the problem of duration in the visual arts. Conservators who have an interest in theoretical aspects of this topic are also invited to apply; projects may entail use of a Getty conservation laboratory.

Guggenheim (John Simon) Memorial Foundation
Fellowships to Assist Research and Artistic Creation

The sponsor provides fellowships to further the development of scholars and artists by assisting them to engage in research in any field of knowledge and creation in any of the arts.

Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies
The Center offers multiple fellowships, including:

Villa I Tatti in Florence offers up to fifteen fellowships each academic year for advanced research in any aspect of the Italian Renaissance. Each Fellow is offered a place to study, use of the Biblioteca and Fototeca Berenson, lunches on weekdays, and various other privileges, the most important of which is the opportunity to meet scholars from a variety of countries working in related fields

Thanks to the generous assistance of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) announces the availability of a small number of new Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellowships for Recently Tenured Scholars engaged in long-term, unusually ambitious projects in the humanities and related social sciences. Appropriate fields of specialization include but are not limited to: anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, geography, history, languages and literatures, law, linguistics, musicology, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology.

Howard (George & Eliza Gardner) Foundation

Ten one-year fellowships of $20,000 each are available for independent projects in the fields of creative writing in English, including novels, short stories, poetry, playwriting, essays and creative non-fiction. Eligible nominees are mid-career individuals with the rank of assistant or associate professor, who are professionally based in the U.S. either by affiliation with an institution or by residence. The sponsor awards fellowships to support persons engaged in independent projects in the following fields for 2004-2005: creative writing in English, including novels, short stories, poetry, playwriting, essays and creative non-fiction.

Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP)
Research grants are provided for teams of scientists from different countries who wish to combine their expertise to approach questions that could not be answered by individual laboratories. Emphasis is placed on novel collaborations that bring together scientist from different disciplines (e.g. from chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering) to focus on problems in the life sciences. The research teams must be international.

Two types of Research Grant are available: Young Investigators' Grants are awarded to teams of researchers, all of whom are within the first five years after obtaining an independent laboratory (e.g. Assistant Professor, Lecturer or equivalent).

Long-term Fellowships provide young scientists with up to three years of postdoctoral research training in an outstanding laboratory in another country.

Short-term Fellowships enable researchers to move into new areas by learning state-of-the-art techniques in use abroad or by establishing new research collaborations. These fellowships can last from two weeks to three months in a foreign country.

Humanities Research Group
Visiting Humanities Fellowships

Support is provided for Visiting Humanities Fellowships, tenable at the University of Windsor in the 2004-2005 academic year. Scholars with research projects in traditional humanities disciplines or in theoretical, historical or philosophical aspects of the sciences, social sciences, arts and professional studies are invited to apply.

Institute for Advanced Study
Visiting Member Awards - Natural Sciences

Members of the institute are free to work on any problems in which they are interested. In any given year, some of the members will collaborate with each other, with relevant institute faculty members, with members of the physics and astronomy faculties at Princeton University , or with scientists at other institutions. The research in mathematical physics and string theory benefits from a strong synergistic activity involving the School of Mathematics and the School of Natural Science . The institute programs in physics and astronomy are closely integrated with the corresponding activities at Princeton University via joint seminars and lunches, as well as frequent informal contacts.
Postdoctoral members in astrophysics are typically appointed for three years. In other areas of physics, the appointments are typically for two years, with a possibility of a one year extension. For a few members of exceptional promise and scientific maturity, longer term (five year) memberships are available. A small number of senior scientists can usually be accommodated on sabbatical leave.

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX)
For over 30 years IREX has supported the highest quality research in the social sciences and humanities. IREX research programs provide individuals and teams of researchers with the support and resources they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. IREX offers multiple fellowships; see their website for details.

Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace
Awards Senior Fellowships and Peace

Scholar Dissertation Fellowships to enable outstanding scholars, policymakers, journalists, and other professionals to conduct research on important issues concerning international conflict and peace.

Kosciuszko Foundation
Graduate and Postgraduate Studies and Research in Poland

This program enables American students to pursue a course of graduate or postgraduate study and research in Poland for an academic year or semester. The program also supports university faculty who wish to spend a sabbatical conducting research in Poland.

Kresqe Foundation
The Kresge Foundation Science Initiative is a challenge grant program to upgrade and endow scientific instrumentation and laboratories in colleges and universities, teaching hospitals, medical schools, and research institutions.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
This prestigious opportunity provides a professor the resources and freedom to conduct cutting edge research in fields of their choice. Candidates are invited to conduct original research on one or more aspects of science relevant to the mission and goals of LLNL, which include: Physics, Computational Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, Environmental Science, Atmospheric Science, Geological Sciences, Energy, Laser Science and Biological Science. Successful candidates may participate in experimental or theoretical work at LLNL and will have access to the Laboratory's extensive computing facilities, specialized laboratory facilities and field equipment.

Leo Baeck Institute
The Leo Baeck Institute is devoted to studying the history of German-speaking Jewry from its origins to its tragic destruction by the Nazis and to preserving its culture. A number of fellowships are offered, including:

The LBI and the DAAD announce the availability of two fellowships per year for doctoral students affiliated with an accredited U.S. institution of higher education or recent Ph.D.'s. They provide financial assistance to students for dissertation research work and to academics for writing a scholarly essay or book. Extensive use of LBI New York resources is to aid research projects falling within the field of study served by the LBI, namely the social, communal and intellectual history of German-speaking Jewry.

Library of Congress
Library of Congress offers fellowships for Humanistic and Social Science Research through the Kluge Center , which especially encourages humanistic and social science research that makes use of the Library's large and varied collections. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, or multilingual research is particularly welcome.

Lillly Library Research Fellowships, Indiana U
The Lilly Library, the principal rare book and manuscript library of Indiana University , invites applications for visiting fellowships for research in residence in its collections. Its holdings support research in British, French, and American literature and history; the literature of voyages and exploration, specifically the European expansion in the Americas ; early printing, and the Church, children's literature, music; film, radio and television; medicine, science, and architecture; and food and drink.

MacArthur Fellows Program
Provides unrestricted fellowships to exceptionally talented and promising individuals who have shown evidence of originality, dedication to creative pursuits, and capacity for self-direction. The MacArthur Fellows Program accepts nominations only from the more than 100 designated nominators across the country in a range of academic and professional fields.

Maclellan Foundation
The purpose of the Maclellan Foundation is to serve strategic international and national organizations committed to furthering the Kingdom of Christ and select local organizations that foster the spiritual welfare of the community.

Merrill Lynch Innovation Grants Competition
Will award a total of $180,000 to eligible PhDs who most effectively present the potential commercial applications of their dissertation topics. The program seeks to stimulate inventiveness by challenging PhDs in the sciences, liberal arts, and engineering disciplines to examine their research in light of real world applications.

National Council for Eurasian and East European
NCEEER was created in 1978 to develop and sustain long-term, high quality programs of post-doctoral research about the social, political, economic and historical development of Russia , Eurasia , and Eastern Europe . Among national research organizations, NCEEER is the largest provider of resources to U.S. scholars for postdoctoral research in these fields. Its support for research on the region has produced direct benefits for U.S. policymakers, the academic community, nonprofit organizations and American business. The projects it has funded have helped people from all of these fields gain a better understanding of current developments and future prospects in the post-communist countries of Europe and Eurasia . NCEEER has also been involved in bringing to the attention of Congress and the executive branch the national interest served by the exchange of ideas among professionals in academia and government.

National Education Association
Visiting Senior Fellowship Program

Applications will be considered for study in the history, theory, and criticism of the visual arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, landscape architecture, urbanism, prints and drawings, film, photography, decorative arts, industrial design, etc.) of any geographical area and of any period. Applications are also solicited from scholars in other disciplines whose work examines artifacts or has implications for the analysis and criticism of physical form.

National Endowment for the Humanities
NEH is an independent grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, and public programs in the humanities.

National Humanities Center
The National Humanities Center is the country's only independent institute for advanced study in the humanities. A private, nonprofit institution, the Center exists to encourage excellent scholarship and to affirm the importance of the humanities in American society. Leaders from higher education, the corporate world, and public life founded the Center in 1976, convinced that we must study history, language and literature, philosophy, the arts, religion, law, and all other humanities fields if we want to understand the human experience. Most of the Center's fellowships are unrestricted. The following designated awards, however, are available for the academic year 2004-05: three fellowships for scholars in any humanistic field whose research concerns religion or theology; three fellowships for young scholars (up to 10 years beyond receipt of doctorate) in literary studies; a fellowship in art history or visual culture; a fellowship for French history or culture; a fellowship in Asian Studies.

National Institutes of Health
Summer internship program, post baccaluarte research opportunities, graduate education program, clinical and research training programs for medical and dental students.

National Research Council
The National Academies administers Postdoctoral and Senior Research Awards through its Associateship Programs, part of the Policy and Global Affairs Division. The Research Associateship Programs are sponsored by federal laboratories and NASA Research Centers at over one hundred locations in the United States and overseas.

Awards are made to doctoral level scientists and engineers who can apply their special knowledge and research talents to research areas that are of interest to them and to the host laboratories and centers. Awards are made to Postdoctoral Associates (within 5 years of the doctorate) and Senior Associates (normally 5 years or more beyond the doctorate). Each awardee works in collaboration with a Research Adviser, who is a staff member of the federal laboratory. In addition to traditional Postdoctoral and Senior awards, the Associateship Programs offer Summer Faculty Awards , combined teaching and research awards , opportunities in the NASA Astrobiology Institute , and the international opportunities at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the Naval Medical Research Center overseas laboratories.

National Security Agency
Mathematical Sabbatical Program

The sabbaticals primarily involve cryptanalysis, a discipline highly dependent on superior math ability. Other sabbatical work involves algebra, probability, statistics, number theory, and discrete mathematics.

Newberry Library
The Newberry Library is an independent research library concentrating in the humanities with an active educational and cultural presence in Chicago . Free and open to the public, it houses an extensive non-circulating collection of rare books, maps, and manuscripts. Fellowships at the Newberry Library are of two types: short-term fellowships with terms of one week to two months and long-term fellowships of six to eleven months. Short-term fellowships are generally restricted to individuals from outside the metropolitan Chicago area and are primarily intended to assist researchers with a need to examine specific items in the Library's collection. Long-term fellowships are generally available without regard to an applicant's place of residence and are intended to support significant works of scholarship that draw on the Library's strengths. Fellowships include, but are not limited to, the following:

Rockefeller Foundation--Long Term Fellowships in the Humanities

Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships

Monticello College Foundation Fellowship for Women

Lloyd Lewis Fellowships in American History

Audrey Lumsden-Kouvel Fellowship

Leadership in Professional Development Grants

NSF Directorate for Social, Behavorial and Economic Sciences/NSF
Methodology, Measurement, and Statistics--Mid-Career Research Fellowships

The sponsor supports research fellowships in the social, behavioral, economic, and statistical sciences to facilitate the development of innovative methods and models for understanding complex social and behavioral science phenomena.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Air Force Research Laboratory
Faculty Research Participation at the Air Force Research Laboratory

Awards support college or university faculty to take part in activities in the biological sciences, computer sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, physical sciences and related scientific disciplines. activities are to be carried out at the Air Force Research Laboratory at the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
Faculty Research Participation at the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center

Awards provide opportunities to participate in research and development in support of military missions. Appointments are held at the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland . Areas of interest include biological sciences, computer sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, physical sciences, and related scientific disciplines.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Environmental Management
Faculty Environmental Management Participation at the U.S. Army

The sponsor provides opportunities for college or university faculty members to participate in research in environmental programs involving cultural and natural resources restoration, compliance, conservation, pollution prevention, validation, demonstration, technology transfer, quality assurance and quality control, training, information management and reporting, and related issues. Activities are to be carried out at the U.S. Army Environmental Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland . The sponsor provides opportunities for college or university faculty members to participate in research in environmental programs involving cultural and natural resources restoration, compliance, conservation, pollution prevention, validation, demonstration, technology transfer, quality assurance and quality control, training, information management and reporting, and related issues. Activities are to be carried out at the U.S. Army Environmental Center at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Higher Education Research Experiences
Higher Education Research Experiences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for Faculty

The sponsor provides opportunities to participate in ongoing energy research. Eligible disciplines include physical and natural sciences, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. Research may take place at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge , Tennessee.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, POW/MIA
Faculty Research Participation at the U.S. Army Joint POW/MIA

The sponsor provides the opportunity to college or university faculty to participate in research to locate, exhume and identify the remains of individuals killed in military service. Related fields include anthropology, DNA identification, forensic anthropology, and forensic dentistry.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Savannah River Site
Savannah River Site Faculty Research Participation Program

The sponsor provides opportunities to participate in ongoing energy research. Appointments are at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC. Related disciplines include computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, physical and natural sciences.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, U.S. Army
Faculty Research Participation at the U.S. Army

The sponsor provides college and university faculty members with an opportunity to participate in research and technology development in engineering, mechanics, chemistry, computational modeling, science, and materials research related to enhancing the lethality and survivability of America 's ground forces. The appointment takes place at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland . Related discipline include the physical, biological and medical sciences, and computer/information science and technology.

Office of Naval Research
Summer Faculty Research Program and Sabbatical Leave Program

The Summer Faculty Research Program is a 10-week program, beginning in May 2004. There are three levels of appointment: Summer Faculty Fellow, Senior Summer Faculty Fellow, and Distinguished Summer Faculty Fellow. Stipends range from $1,400 to $1,900 per week for the summer program. Each Fellow will be reimbursed for expenses incurred on an optional pre- program visit to the sponsoring laboratory and one round-trip encompassing travel to the sponsoring laboratory at the beginning of the program and travel back to their home residence at the end of the program. Relocation assistance is provided to qualifying participants. At the discretion of the Navy lab, Fellows may be allowed to bring a student to the lab to assist with the summer research.

The Sabbatical Leave Program provides fellowship appointments for a minimum of one semester to a maximum of one year in length. Participants in the Sabbatical Leave Program receive a monthly stipend making up the difference between salary and sabbatical leave pay from their home institution. Relocation and travel assistance are provided to qualifying participants.

Both programs are residential and all work must be completed on site at the sponsoring U.S. Navy laboratory.