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Faculty Grants

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Policy and Procedure for Faculty Applying for Grants

To ensure that campus grant activity is communicated to the appropriate parties, please follow these procedures when applying for grants:

  • Review the Faculty Grants Handbook for information about submitting proposals, which includes Indirect Cost and Responsible Conduct of Research policies.
  • Notify Academic Affairs and your department chair of your intent.
  • If your project involves human subjects, it must be reviewed by the Institutional Review Board. If it involves animals, it must be reviewed by the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee.
  • Fill out a proposal approval form, which will automatically be sent to the director of foundation and corporate relations and the following individuals:
    • Vice president for academic affairs: reviews overall ramifications and effects on the college, including future budgets.
    • Vice president for finance and administration: serves as checkpoint to be certain budget is complete and realistic.
    • Vice president for Institutional Advancement: reviews for appropriate format and relationship to overall fund raising efforts of the college.
    • President: reviews proposal and signs cover letter (if required).
  • Once approved, the director of corporate and foundation relations will assist you in the preparation of proposals by:
    • Providing institutional information.
    • Editing, copying, filing and other final production work.
  • After completing the grant proposal, submit all proposal materials to the director of corporate and foundation relations.
  • Proposal submittal:
    • Grants that would be directly awarded to the applying faculty member will be submitted by that faculty member.
    • Grants that would be awarded directly to Linfield College will be submitted by the director of corporate and foundation relations.

Please allow 10 business days for review and approval. Proposals allowing less time cannot be guaranteed approval.

Grant Notification

Government grants: If you received a government grant, deliver the grant award check to the Accounting office and a copy of the grant award and accompanying materials to Institutional Advancement and Academic Affairs.

Non-government grants: If you received a non-government contribution, the grant award check and copies of accompanying materials must be delivered to Institutional Advancement for deposit, acknowledgment, and reporting. Another set of copies should be provided to Academic Affairs.

Reporting: Faculty are responsible for completing all required grant reports in coordination with Institutional Advancement. Reports will be submitted to institutional Advancement for review before being submitted to the funding agency. Please allow 5 business days for review and approval of reports.

Additional Information

For more information about faculty grant opportunities, please make an appointment with Catherine Jarmin Miller, director of corporate and foundation relations, by email or at 503-883-2494.

For questions about post award grant administration, please contact Carol Stowell-Heller, grants administrator, by email or at 503-883-2618.