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I. Grant Support Services

The following departments provide the following services to faculty seeking external grant funding.

Institutional Advancement

The Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations in Institutional Advancement:

  • Searches for potential funding opportunities.
  • Broadcasts funding opportunities.
  • Obtains applications and guidelines.
  • Assists with proposal preparation.
  • Reviews proposal and budget to assure compliance with funding source and college.
  • Provides initial post-award administration including obtaining an account number and notifying the appropriate deans and vice presidents.
  • Monitors report deadlines.
  • Contacts the funding agency regarding changes to the budget or project.
  • Shares news of the award with the college.

Academic Affairs

The Dean/Associate Deans of Academic Affairs:

  • Approves the cost share and submittal of the proposal.
  • Sets up budget object code with Accounting.
  • Reviews and approves post-award expenditures above $1,000 prior to payment.
  • Approves budget changes and adjustments, as well as notifying Accounting and Human Resources of changes when necessary.


The General Ledger Clerk in Accounting:

  • Creates separate accounts for each grant.
  • Processes financial transactions and payments for independent contractors.
  • Provides periodic expenditure reports each year or as requested.
  • Provides financial information for financial reports required by the granting agency.  

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources:

  • Assists with recruiting faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Processes payment of grant-funded compensation for faculty, staff, students and temporary employees.
  • Provides guidance in determining who qualifies as an “independent contractor” to meet federally mandated requirements.