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The Team

Director of Facilities & Auxiliary Services: Allison Horn (ext. 2323).
Overall responsibility for facilities and utilities maintenance, management and services, transportation and vehicles, key control and cleaning services. Insures effectiveness of programs, efficiency of operations, productivity of the workforce, and wise use of resources. Represents Facilities Services Department interest with other departments and College committees.

Associate Director of Facilities Services: Don Holland (ext. 2631).
Responsibilities include: Manage, control and direct the functions of utilities operations, participate in energy and conservation management. Management of deferred building maintenance program, serving as project manager on selected projects. Assumes responsibility of the Facilities Services department in the absence of the Director.

Administrative Services Supervisor: Deborah Lisk (ext. 2687).
Coordinates and supervises facilities front office team that supports the department and campus with the following functions: key management system, transportation and fleet management, work order system including the employee labor costing program, and purchase order system and invoice management. Responsible for the Facilities student employment coordination program.

Building Trades Superintendent: Rick Carruth (ext. 2632)
Directly supervises the carpentry and paint shop along with the grounds maintenance. Maintains, repairs and improves the buildings and facilities on Campus; walkway and road repairs, fencing and oversees special projects.

Utilities Superintendent: Tom Barker (ext. 2612)
Directly supervises the central heating plant, electric, HVAC and plumbing functions. Operates the central steam plant, maintains, repairs and retrofits the Campus mechanical and electrical systems. Oversees special projects.

Environmental Services Superintendent: Tim Stewart (ext. 2690)
Oversees Cleaning Servces and the Properties & Event Set-Up teams as well as the Mechanic Shop. Responsible for new furniture purchases, summer moves, pest control and waste stream management.

Associate Director of Conference and Events Planning: Chris Adams (ext. 2317)
Directly supervises Properties & Events Set-Ups team and moving and repair of campus furniture, repair and replacement of window coverings and special events setup.

Cleaning Services Supervisor: Javier Mendoza (ext. 2638)
Directly responsible for the cleanliness of academic, administration, and athletic facilities including all rooms, offices, laboratories, restrooms and common areas.

Resident Hall Assistant Supervisor: MaryRose Rose (ext. 2638)
Responsible for the overall cleanliness of all building and facilities on Campus; including window washing, floor and carpet care, restroom supplies and cleanliness. Represents Plant on issues of waste management, pest control and recycling.

Electronic Security & Lock Technician: Darrell Driver (ext. 2307)
Responsible for the service and repair of all campus door hardware including electrical and mechanical locks; card access sytstem; Fire Life and Safety egress compliance; ADA door operarors and accessibility; key systems and software. He is an active member of the Pacific Locksmith Association and is a registerecd locksmith with the oregon CCB. Darrell brings over 24 years of experience to the Linfield team in a broad range of access control.

Facilities Services and Event Coordinator: Madison Hoecker (ext. 2345)
Responsible for the daily office operations of Facilities Services and Conference and Event Planning. Ensures work is completed accurately, and in a timely manner while providing excellent customer service. Receives and coordinates distribution of freight deliveries, data input and processing campus-wide work order requests for the Facilities Services department, while also processing fleet reservation requests, vehicle availability, extra vehicles, keys, paperwork and charges. Provides support to the Associate Director of Conference & Event Planning for summer conference programs, building and room scheduling, rental of campus facilities and arranging for campus events.