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ETCI For Students

This page goes over some of the tools available for students and gives some quick tips, specifically:
Blackboard I CatFiles I WebAdvisor I TaskStream I CatMail


Hide Classes From Main Page

1. Hover over My Courses on "My Linfield Blackboard Page"
2. Click on the gear button that appears in the top right corner
3. Edit which attributes you want to show for each course
4. Click Submit and you're done

My Grades

There are 3 ways to access your My Grades page:

- My Linfield Blackboard Page
1. Go to your My Linfield Blackboard Page
2. Click on My Grades in the Tools menu

- Your name
1. Click on your name in the top right corner
2. Click on 

- Your course
1. Click on My Grades in the left menu
2. OR if it isn't there, click on Tools in the left menu
3. Click on My Grades

Seeing Comments on Assignments

There are 2 ways to see comments on your assignments:

- My Grades
1. Go to My Grades (see above)
2. Find the assignment you want
Note: if your assignment hasn't been graded, there will be an ! next to it
3. Click on the assignment grade, and you will see any instructor feedback.

- Assignment
1. Go to the assignment you want to see
2. Click on the assignment
3. You will see any instructor feedback


Here are some tutorials from TurnItIn on:

Turning in a paper
Seeing Your Grades

What do the Icons Mean?

Look through this document to see a Blackboard Icon glossary.

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This web page will go over the basics of CatFiles.


My Class Schedule

Located on the Student Menu Page, this tells you what class you are registered for for the semester, when and where they are, and their credits.

You can click on the class name and it will bring you to the class page which has the same information as above, as well as, the instructor and their contact information, any prerequisites, the course level, and a link to the class book list.

Financial Statement

Located on the Student Menu page under Financial Profile, this will tell you what charges are on your account and what they are for. It will also show any payments that have been made towards your account.

Program Evaluation

Located on the Student Menu page, under Academic Profile, this shows your progress towards a major. It will default to your declared major, if you've declared, otherwise it will default to undeclared.

You can choose another major from the drop-down menu to see your progress toward it. Make sure you EITHER have the default or one from the drop-down selected but not both, or an error message will appear.

Then you choose your year's, or a subsequent year's, catalogue.

It will then give you an overview of your credits and GPA, then the requirements for either a BS or BA depending on what you chose, your major requirements, Linfield Curriculum requirements, and extra courses.

The program evaluation shows it's recommendations for which class should be used to fill which requirement, and a list of other courses that could also be used.

Save Courses to Register Later

This takes some of the stress away from registering. You can pick all your classes and back-ups ahead of time and only have to select which of these you want to add at registration.

Picking the classes
1. Click Register for Sections (located on the Student Menu page under Registration)
2. Click Search and Register for Sections
3. Fill out the information (make sure to include the term!)
4. Select the check boxes next to the classes you want
5. Click Submit
6. Repeat as needed

Adding the Classes
1. Click Register for Sections
2. Click Register for Previously Selected Sections
3. You can either choose an action for all OR choose an action for each (register; register pass/fail; audit; remove from list; waitlist)
4. Click Submit and you're done!


Located on Student Menu under Academic Profile, this will show you all the classes you've taken, the grades for them, the terms you took them, the credit amounts, your student id number, total earned credits, and cumulative GPA.

My Documents

Located on the Student Menu under Financial Aid, shows all the documents you need to submit or have already submitted and the requesting department.

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TaskStream is a tool Linfield uses to collect exemplars from students on the work they completed for their LC's (Linfield Curriculum). These are the steps to take when filling out the form and uploading your examples.


Adding Folders

1. Right click your name
2. Click Create New Folder...
3. Name your folder
4. Press enter

Adding Filters for Specific Emails

1. Click Filters (above the mailbox search box) in the folder you wish to filter
2. Type the name or email address of the person you want to filter
3. Click Apply
4. Click  at the top to remove the filter

Contact List

This contains the emails for everyone at Linfield

1. Click Find Someone in the top right corner below sign out
2. Type the name of the person you're looking for
3. Click on the email address of the person
4. Proceed as normal

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For more information or help with these visit the Educational Media Services lab located in the library and ITS in Mac Hall.