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Copyfree Resources

Welcome! This wiki contains links to copyright free resources for members of the Linfield College community. While this site provides links to lots of resources you can use, we encourage you to consider creating your own media resources. EMS and FDL provide labs with software and human assistance as well as cameras, recorders, etc. which can be checked out. Please feel free to contact Lige Armstrong if you have suggestions or comments.

Linfield Library's Copyright Policy


  • Linfield Online Copyright Resources - Some info and sites related to copyright and resources.
  • Creative Commons - aggregates copyright and Creative Commons licensed media with a focus on education and advocacy.
  • Copyright Friendly - aggregates copyright and copyleft media, links to tools that allow users to create their own.
  • Wikimedia Commons - a media file repository to make public domain and free license media available to everyone.
  • - a free resource for images, video, audio, etc.