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Video Editing with Live Movie Maker

Live Movie Maker is the latest version of Movie Maker, free to download. Due to new additions and changes in the interface, it is rather different from older versions of the software as included in XP and Vista. The following links will help you learn these new features so you can start editing videos with Live Movie Maker right away.

  • Windows Live Movie Maker:   This is the official site from Windows Live describing the software. It includes a product description and numerous tutorials describing the features and how to use them.
  • Download Movie Maker:   This page contains the download link and a brief overview of the features of the new version.
  • Digital Inspiration Video Tutorials:   Here is a collection of select video tutorials provided by the Windows Live team explaining how to use some of the tools in Live Movie Maker.
  • PCMech Video Tutorial:   This post is a user's take on the new software as compared to the old version of Movie Maker, and includes a video tutorial.

Some users prefer to use an older version of Movie Maker instead of the newest release. To learn more about this, and to reach the link to download Movie Maker 2.6, please visit this page.