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Video Editing with Movie Maker

This series of short video tutorials will teach you the basics of using Movie Maker to create your own video. It will walk you through an introduction to the program, importing media, working with video, working with audio, and adding the final touches to your project before publishing. Links to the videos are provided below.

If you have Flash installed on your computer, click on the .swf version to watch the video in your browser window. Otherwise, choose the .avi version.

Getting Started
The Interface .swf .avi
Storyboard and Timeline .swf .avi
Importing Media
From a Video Camera .swf .avi
Other Import Options .swf .avi
Working with Video
Adding/Deleting .swf .avi
Trimming .swf .avi
Copying .swf .avi
Splitting .swf .avi
Still Images .swf .avi
Working with Audio
Adding/Deleting .swf .avi
Editing .swf .avi
The Tracks .swf .avi
Narration .swf .avi
Audacity .swf .avi
Finishing Up
Effects .swf .avi
Transitions .swf .avi
Titles/Credits .swf .avi
Publishing .swf .avi


The following resources may also prove useful to you as you edit in Movie Maker: