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Faculty Development Lab - Library 138

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The FDL (AKA the "Fiddle Lab") has staff to help you bring your pedagogical and multimedia projects into reality.  FDL contains a variety of multimedia resources for faculty use, including hardware and software that is faster and more powerful than typically found elsewhere on campus to improve speed, quality, and production. The most important resource is of course its staff. Lige Armstrong is the primary contact for the FDL, followed by Andy Lockhart, and specially trained students, who work regularly scheduled hours to provide support and answer questions.

In the Fiddle Lab, we can help you:

  • Be a Blackboard wizard: Bring in your ideas for your blackboard course, learn a few tricks, or bounce your ideas off us.
  • Be a digital video star: Capture, rip, edit and save digital video files DVD, social media and Internet use. You can use software from iMovie & MovieMaker to Adobe Premiere Pro on our computers. We also have digital cameras, digital camcorders, and tripods for check out.
  • Be a digital image magician: Create, edit and save images using Adobe ImageReady, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator on either our Windows or our Apple computers. 
  • Be an audio file virtuoso: Create, edit and save audio files using Adobe Auditions (both), Garageband (Apple) or Audacity (both). You can create podcasts, or a digital videos with dubded audio over movie clips or slideshows. The Fiddle Lab is equipped with headsets with microphones to record and edit with.
  • Be a web page maven: You can use Adobe Dreamweaver, Muse or other editors to create web pages in the FDL. If you are a more advanced user, you can use HTML 5 and CSS3 to create interactive web page elements on both Windows and Apple computers.
  • Create a DVD portfolios and presentations: Using iDVD, PowerPoint, etc. you can make a high quality interface with buttons and other interactive links.

Who has permission to use the Fiddle lab? Faculty and staff, of course - and students with special permission. 

Want to know more about what resources are available in the Fiddle Lab? 
FDL Computers and software available for your use in FDL.
Equipment available, and the specifications of each, for check out from FDL.
EMS Equipment available for faculty checkout.

If you have any needs or questions, please contact