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Linfield Faculty Workshops

For all workshops listed, please RSVP to Jo Meyertons (jmeyert, x2715)

Schedule of current workshops.

Workshop Descriptions:

Mobile Photography shooting and editing -
 cameras on mobile phones and tablets are increasingly sophisticated replacements for cameras or videocams. This workshop covers useful tips for taking good shots, and various apps for editing and sharing photos. 

Screencasting - Presentations using voice-annotated videos of content captured on a computer screen can be powerful and compelling. This workshop covers screencasting basics and compares screencasting software, free and paid. 

Turning Technologies Clickers - Learn why clickers are useful, how to use them, how to create participant lists, take roll, create question lists, manage sessions, and create reports.

BBLearn Overview - A 1-hour introduction to the BlackBoard Learn interface, briefly covering many of the tools. You will learn how to add content, add users, add and manage tools, and other important basics.

Turnitin/GradeMark/PeerMark - Turnitin is a service we subscribe to which helps faculty educate students about plagiarism. You will learn how to create classes and assignments, and how to configure them efficiently and effectively. As of 2011, the Turnitin family now includes GradeMark and PeerMark. GradeMark allows faculty to use or create common comments which can be dragged onto student papers, speeding the grading process up considerably. PeerMark allow faculty to set up peer reviews between students.

Softchalk - If you want to convert Word documents into dynamic web pages with clean navigation, popups for word definitions, quick polls or even quick exams, Softchalk is a remarkably easy solution.

iMovie 11 - Make a movie and learn how to edit and arrange clips, work with transitions and special effects such as picture-in-picture, add captions and titles, and save to commonly used formats.

DVD and YouTube Ripping - Learn how to rip your DVDs and download videos from sites like YouTube for accessing editable video content for fair use in class.

Engrade - If BBLearn's grade book is more complicated than you'd like, Engrade provides a simple, easy to use alternative solution that makes grade management and sharing with students securely a snap.

Wikis - Several faculty have used wikis with great success for student collaborative projects. Come see how wikis could transform your course.

iPads in the classroom - If you've wondered how iPads might be used to support teaching and learning, this workshop will introduce users to tricks of the trade.