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Economics Faculty

Eric Schuck - Professor of Economics; Coordinator of Environmental Studies Program

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TJ Day 304

Education: B.A. Pacific Lutheran University; M.A. University of Montana; Ph.D. Washington State University

Dr. Eric Schuck began teaching at Linfield in 2006. He has been an agricultural economist for the past 14 years, and is primarily interested in studying natural resource, environmental, and agricultural economics, with an emphasis on water use during droughts and controlling agricultural runoff. Besides teaching, Dr. Schuck also serves as a lieutenant in the United States Navy Reserve. In 2010, he was called back to duty to serve in Kuwait. During the fall 2012 semester, Professor Schuck was on sabbatical at Oregon State University, where he studied why local farmers choose to use the irrigation systems that they do. Learn more about Professor Schuck in this interview.

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Jeffrey  Summers - Professor of Economics (Chair)

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TJ Day 305

Education: B.A. Wabash College; M.S. University of Oregon; Ph.D. Purdue University

Professor Jeffrey Summers has been teaching courses related to public policy and international economic issues in the Department of Economics since 1992. During his time at Linfield, Dr. Summers has served as Associate Dean of Faculty and as chair of the college’s curriculum committee. He previously served as an economic development planner in Indiana and has been a reviewer for the American Educational Research Association and the Association for the Study of Higher Education. Many of Dr. Summers’s publications and presentations focus on tuition and enrollment yields in higher education, the privatization of public higher education, comparative economic systems and international trade policy. Additionally, he has studied the balance between instruction and administrative expenditures in higher education.