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Winter 2013

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Download" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Download column, we do not have it yet.

Course ID Course Name/sh (LC) Instructor Location Syllabus
BUSN 380 AM Industrial Organizational Psych/3 Seitz, Rainer Online  pdf
BUSN 464 AM Gov't/Not for Profit Accounting/3 Clarke, Elizabeth Online  pdf
COMP 101 AM Information Systems Technology/3 Smith, Edward Online  pdf
COMP 382 AM Management Information Sys/3 Daaboul, Malek Online  pdf
COMP 450 AM Database Admin/3- (MWI) Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin Online  
ENGL 270 AM Western Am Lit/4- (CS, US, VP) Lewis, Richard Online  pdf
ENVS 305 AM Environ Issues & Physical Sci/3- (NW) Knight, Ned Online  pdf
HIST 316 AM History of Mexico/3- (GP, VP) Ritter, John Online  pdf
HIST 346 AM Europe & West Since 1939/3- (GP, VP) Jacobs, Vince Online  pdf
MATH 140 AM Intro to Statistics/3- (QR) Daaboul, Malek Online  pdf 
MATH 161 AO Intro to Finite Math/2 (HY) Daaboul, Malek Portland/HY  pdf
MUSC 135 AM Understanding Jazz/3- (CS, US) Kravitz, Stephen Online  pdf
POLS 310 AM American Political Thought/4- (UQ, US) Buccola, Nicholas Online  pdf
PSYC 200 AM Social Psychology/3 Minor, Leslie Online  pdf
PSYC 340 AM Topics/4 Collins, William Online  pdf