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Linfield ADP Home >> Winter 2009 Syllabi

Winter 2009

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Course ID Course Name Instructor Location Syllabus
AAVC 120 Drawing, 4 credits Mills, Ron Online pdf
ANTH/RELS 254 Folklore and Mythology Anderson, Richard Online pdf
BIOL 104 Genetics: 20th Century Science Gaiser, Christopher Online pdf
BUSN 382 Management Information Systems Daaboul, Malek Online pdf
BUSN 407 Organizational Behavior Hirons, Thomas Online pdf
BUSN 423 Entrepreneurship McCaffery, James Online pdf
BUSN 435 International Business Law Coduto, Jim Online pdf
BUSN 464 Government/Not for Profit Accounting Barnhart, Michael Online pdf
COMP 101 Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology Smith, Edward Online pdf
COMP 450 Database Administration Staff McMinnville  x'd
ENGL 304 Environmental Literature Lewis, Richard Online pdf
ENVS 485 Environmental Problem-Solving Seminar Knight, Ned McMinnville pdf
HIST 257 The Pacific Northwest Ritter, John Online pdf
IDST 090 Global Issues Forum Knight, Ned Online pdf
MATH 140 Statistics Daaboul, Malek Online pdf
MATH 161 Introduction to Finite Mathematics Daaboul, Malek Portland pdf
MLCH 212 Survey of East Asian Literature Keaveney, Christopher Online pdf
PHIL 306 Environmental Ethics Vogt, Blaine Online pdf
RELS/ANTH 254 Folklore and Mythology Anderson, Richard Online pdf
SOCL 207 Sociology of Poverty Penkin, Debra Online pdf