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Summer 2014

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Download" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Download column, we do not have it yet.

Course Course Name/sh - LC Instructor Location pdf
AAVC 110 AM Introduction to Visual Culture/4- CS, IS Santina, Adrianne Online pdf   
AAVC 382 AM Creative Development Studio/4- CS Mills, Ron Online pdf
ANTH 111 AM Cultural Anthropology/4- IS, GP Vandehey, Scott Online pdf
ANTH 326 AF Archaeological Field Methods/5 Smith, Cameron Field-Based Canceled
BUSN 260 AM Financial Accounting/4 Moha, Carla Online pdf
BUSN 261 AM Managerial Accounting/4 Weidinger, Al Online pdf
BUSN 301 AM Management/4 Priestman, Ian Online html
BUSN 321 AM Marketing/4 Laird-Magee, Tyler Online pdf
BUSN 362 AM Intermediate Accounting II/4 Edwards, Jeff Online pdf
BUSN 380 AM Industrial Organizational Psychology/3 Seitz, Rainer Online pdf
BUSN 407 AM Organizational Behavior/4 Wagner, Sharon Online pdf
BUSN 423 AM Entrepreneurship/4 Schulz, Martin Online pdf
BUSN 427 AM Topics in Marketing: Business to Business Marketing/4 Steele, Kimberly Online pdf
BUSN 466 AX Advanced Accounting/4 Achilles, Wendy Online pdf
BUSN 466 AM Advanced Accounting/4 Jones, Michael Online Canceled
BUSN 468 AM Federal Income Tax/4 Moha, Carla Online pdf
BUSN 469 AX Auditing/4 Wilberger, Bryce Online pdf
COMP 101 AM Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology/3 Gold, Stuart Online pdf
COMP 310 AM Network and Web Applications Development/3 Scholer, Andrew Online pdf Canceled
COMP 400 AM Applied Software Development Project/3 Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin Online Canceled
ECON 210 AM Principles of Economics/4- IS, QR Grant, Randy Online pdf
ECON 341 AM Environmental Economics/4- IS, QR Marshall, Kandice Online pdf Canceled
ENGL 250 AM Literature of Experience/4- CS Watzke, Elizabeth Online pdf
ENGL 377 AM Fundamentals of Research Writing/3 Rucavado, Gina Online pdf
ENVS 302 AF Shoreline Ecology/3- NW Knight, Ned Field-Based pdf
ENVS 306 AF Fire History of the Cascades/3- NW Schoonmaker, Peter Field-Based pdf
ENVS 485 AM Environmental Problem-Solving Seminar/3 Knight, Ned Online pdf Canceled
HHPA 100 AM Drug Use in the United States/3- US Graff-Haight, Dawn Online pdf
HHPA 180 AM Personal Health Promotion/2 Swenberger, Jason Online pdf 
HHPA 242 AM Human Sexuality/3- IS Graff-Haight, Dawn Online pdf
HHPA 280 AM Nutrition/3- NW Peterson, Janet Online pdf, sch
HIST 210 AM Modern Japan/4- VP, GP Sagers, John Online pdf
HIST 257 AM The Pacific Northwest/3- VP Madden, Ryan Online pdf
IDST 008 AM Colloquium/1 Sukalac, Ann Online pdf
IDST 090 AM Global Issues: Taking Sides Global Environmental Issues /1 Knight, Ned Online html
IDST 321 AM History of Western Thought II/3- VP, UQ, GP Shuford, John Online pdf
MATH 140 AM Introduction to Statistics/3- QR Daaboul, Malek Online html
MATH 140 AO Introduction to Statistics/3- QR Gilbarg, Paul Portland pdf
MATH 160 AM Finite Mathematics with Calculus/5 Meda, Gowri Online syl, cal
MATH 162 AM Finite Mathematics and Calculus/3 Meda, Gowri Online syl, cal
MLCH 211 AM Introduction to East Asian Culture/3- CS, GP Keaveney, Christopher Online pdf
PHIL 306 AM Environmental Ethics/4- UQ Vogt, Blaine Online pdf
POLS 330 AM Politics & the Arts/4 Cottrell, Patrick Online pdf flyer
PSYC 155 AM Lifespan Developmental Psychology/4- IS Minor, Leslie Online pdf
PSYC 340 AM Topics in Psychology: Sensation and Perception /4 Collins, William Online pdf
RELS 140 AM Holy Qu'ran/4- UQ, VP, GP Millar, William Online pdf