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DCE Summer 2009 Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Download" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Download column, we do not have it yet.

Course Title Location Professor Syllabus
AAVC 120 Drawing I Online Mills, Ron pdf
AAVC 120 Drawing I Portland (Hybrid) Zimmerman, Luke  
AAVC 182 Modern Art 1880-1945 Online Reid, Donna cancelled
ANTH 111 Cultural Anthropology Online Vandehey, Scott pdf
ANTH 326 Archaeological Field Methods Field-Based Smith, Cameron pdf
ANTH/BIOL 105 Human Biology & Evolution Online Smith, Cameron pdf
BUSN 261 Managerial Accounting Online Purtell, Jerry pdf 
BUSN 301 The Management Process_ Online Lamberton, Lowell pdf
BUSN 321 Principles of Marketing Online Priestman, Ian pdf 
BUSN 362 AM Intermediate Accounting II Online Edwards, Jeff pdf
BUSN 362 AX Intermediate Accounting II Online Achilles, Wendy pdf
BUSN 409 Collective Bargaining Online Cowan, Craig pdf
BUSN 410 International Management Online Zahrowski, Robert pdf
BUSN 436 Topics: Global Issues Law & Ethics Online Coduto, Jim pdf
BUSN 466 Advanced Accounting Bend Jones, Mike pdf 
BUSN 466 Advanced Accounting Online Achilles, Wendy pdf
BUSN 468 Federal Income Tax Online Wolod, Larry pdf 
BUSN 469 Åuditing Bend Faria, Jeanine  
BUSN 469 Auditing Online Barnhart, Michael pdf
COMP 101 Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology Online Smith, Edward pdf 
COMP 310 Network and Web Applications Development McMinnville Scholer, Andrew pdf
COMP 400 Applied Software Development Project McMinnville Scholer, Andrew pdf
ECON 341 Environmental Economics Online Schuck, Eric pdf 
ENGL 301 Topics: Literature of Food & Culture Online Jensen, Sandra pdf
ENGL 377 Fundamentals of Research Writing Online Depweg, Dale pdf
ENVS 300 Fire History of the Cascades Field-Based Schoonmaker, Peter pdf
ENVS 302 Shoreline Ecology Field-Based Knight, Ned pdf
ENVS 308 Water Resources Online Knight, Ned pdf
HHPA 060 Aquatic Fitness McMinnville Kirk, Chris pdf
HHPA 071 Yoga McMinnville Kirk, Chris  
HHPA 029 Cycling Online McNamee, Jeff pdf
HHPA 088 Backpacking Field-Based Peterson, Janet pdf
HHPA 100 Drug Use in the U.S. Online Graff-Haight, Dawn pdf
HHPA 180 Personal Health Promotion Online Swenberger, Jason pdf
HHPA 242 Human Sexuality Online Graff-Haight, Dawn  
HHPA 280 Nutrition Online Peterson, Janet pdf
HIST 390 Slavery in the Americas Online Ritter, John pdf
IDST 008 Linfield Entry Colloquium Online Sukalac, Ann pdf
IDST 090 Global Issues Forum Online Knight, Ned pdf
IDST 321 History of Western Thought II Online Shuford, Alexandra  
INQS 125 Inquiry Seminar Portland Watzke, Elizabeth pdf
MATH 110 Great Ideas in Mathematics McMinnville Leung, Stanley pdf
MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics McMinnville Daaboul, Malek pdf
MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics Online Daaboul, Malek pdf
MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics Portland Gilbarg, Paul pdf
MATH 160 Finite Mathematics with Calculus McMinnville Daaboul, Malek pdf
MATH 160 Finite Mathematics with Calculus Online Meda, Gowri pdf
MATH 162 Finite Mathematics and Calculus Online Meda, Gowri pdf
MLCH 211 Introduction to East Asian Culture Online Keaveney, Christopher pdf
PHIL 215 Bioethics Online Bemis, Kate pdf
POLS 384 U.S. Foreign Policy Online Cottrell, Patrick pdf
PSYC 300 Lifespan Developmental Psychology Online Dorman, Lynn pdf
PSYC 391 Abnormal Psychology Online Minor-Evans, Leslie pdf
RELS 120 Old Testament Online Millar, William pdf
RELS 303 Religious Quest I Online Millar, William pdf
SOAN 225 People & Cultures of North America: The Native Americans Online Lewis, David pdf
SOAN 360 The Sociology of Culture Online Gonzales, Lisa pdf