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Spring 2014

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Select the course for which you want to view the syllabus. Only those courses that have information in the "Download" column currently have a syllabus available.

We will update this table when a syllabus is received. If it is not listed in the Download column, we do not have it yet.

Course Course Name/sh - LC Instructor Loacation pdf
AAVC 110 AM Intro to Visual Culture/4- (CS, IS) Santina, Adrianne Online pdf
AAVC 382 AM Creative Development Studio/4- (CS) Mills, Ron Online pdf
ANTH/BIOL 105 AM Human Biology & Evolution/3- (NW) Smith, Cameron Online pdf
BUSN 260 AM Financial Accounting/4 Weidinger, Al Online pdf
BUSN 261 AM Managerial Accounting/4 Piazza, Aaron Online pdf
BUSN 301 AM Management/4 Priestman, Ian Online html
BUSN 321 AM Marketing/4 Steele, Kimberly Online pdf
BUSN 340 AM Business Law I/4 Feeney, David Online pdf
BUSN 341 AM Financial Management/4 Bauer, Deborah Online pdf
BUSN 361 AM Intermediate Accounting I/4 Chen, Baizhou Online pdf
BUSN 362 AM Intermediate Accounting II/4 Achilles, Wendy Online pdf
BUSN 362 AX Intermediate Accounting II/4 Edwards, Jeff Online pdf
BUSN 405 AM Human Resource Management/4 Coduto, Jim Online pdf
BUSN 415 AM Business, Ethics & Society/4 Gusdorf, Myrna Online pdf
BUSN 421 AM Promotions Management/4 Schulz, Martin Online pdf
BUSN 427 AM Topics in Marketing: Marketing Management/4 Steele, Kimberly Online pdf
BUSN 435 AM International Business Law/4 Coduto, Jim Online pdf
BUSN 436 AM Topics in Management: Leadership/4 Priestman, Ian Online html
BUSN 447 AM Investments/4 Bauer, Deborah Online pdf
BUSN 461 AM Cost Accounting/4 Edwards, Jeff Online pdf
BUSN 461 AX Cost Accounting/4 Snyder, Matthew Online pdf
BUSN 464 AM Government/Not for Profit Accounting/3 Barnhart, Michael Online pdf
BUSN 468 AM Federal Income Tax/4 Moha, Carla Online pdf
BUSN 495 AM Strategic Management/4- (MWI) Kiehl, Sandie Online html, calendar
COMP 302 AM Software Engineering/5- (MWI) Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin Online pdf, info
COMP 484 AM Operations Research/3 Daaboul, Malek Online pdf
ECON 210 AM Principles of Economics/4- (IS, QR) Grant, Randy Online pdf
ENGL 200 AM Intro to Creative Writing/4- (CS) Watzke, Elizabeth Online pdf
ENGL 305 AM Diverse Voices in Literary Expression/4- (CS, UQ, GP) Lewis, Richard Online pdf
ENVS 308 AM Water Resources/3- (NW) Knight, Ned Online html
HHPA 088 AF Backpacking/2 Peterson, Janet Field-Based  
HHPA 099 AM Fitness: Paracurricular By Arrangement/1 Graff-Haight, Dawn Online pdf
HHPA 230 AM Stress Management/2 Graff-Haight, Dawn Online pdf
HIST 122 AM History of World Civilization I/4- (VP, GP) Bailey Glasco, Sharon Online pdf
HIST 252 AM History of the U.S. West/4- (VP, US) Ritter, John Online pdf
HIST 302 AM Topics in European History: The Holocaust/3- (VP, GP) Boas, Jack Online pdf
HIST 490 AM Research/5 Boas, Jack Online pdf
IDST 008 AM Linfield Entry Colloquium/1 Sukalac, Ann Online pdf
IDST 090 AM Global Issues Forum: Change & Transformation of World Systems/1 Alexander, Christina Online html
IDST 250 AM Writing the Portfolio/3 Martinez-Salas, Rita Online pdf
IDST 320 AM History Western Thought I/3- (VP, UQ, GP) Shuford, John Online pdf
IDST 490 AM Arts & Humanities Research Project/3 (WE) Keaveney, Christopher McMinnville pdf
INQS 126 AM Inquiry Seminar/4- (INQS) Rucavado, Gina Online pdf
MATH 140 AM Intro to Statistics/3- (QR) Daaboul, Malek Online html
MATH 161 AM Intro to Finite Math/2 Meda, Gowri Online syl, cal
MUSC 135 AM Understanding Jazz/3- (CS, US) Kravitz, Stephen Online pdf
PHIL 350 AM Modern Philosophy/4- (UQ) Hudson, Aurora Online pdf
POLS 315 AM Politics & Religion/4 Nowacki, Dawn Online pdf
POLS 330 AM Politics & the Arts/4 Cottrell, Patrick Online Canceled
PSYC 360 AM Sexuality: Development View/3 Knox, Lee Ann Online pdf
PSYC 391 AM Abnormal Psychology/3 Minor, Leslie Online pdf
RELS 360 AM Dead Sea Scrolls/4- (UQ, VP) Millar, William Online pdf
SOAN 225 AM Peoples & Cultures of North America: Native Americans/4 Smith, Cameron Online pdf
SOAN 251 AM Music and Music Subcultures/4- (CS) Bestor, Bill Online pdf
SOAN 365 AM Urban Society & Culture/4- (IS) Vandehey, Scott Online pdf
SOAN 399 AM Gender, Health, Reproductive Politics/4- (IS, US) Miller, Amy Online pdf
SOAN 490 AM Research/Thesis/4- (MWI) Vandehey, Scott Online pdf
TCCA 230 AM Intercultural Communication: Global Perspective/3- (IS, GP) Lee, Sandra Online pdf