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Linfield ADP Home >> Spring 2007 Syllabi

Spring 2007

Linfield DCE Faculty Syllabi

Course ID Course Name Instructor Location Syllabus
ANT/BIO 105 Human Biology & Evolution Wolfe, Roxi Online HTML
AVC 165 Approaches to the Figure Mills, Ron McMinnville PDF
AVC 180 Topics and Periods in the History of Art Reid, Donna Online PDF
BIO 320 Introduction to Ecology Knight, Ned Online HTML
BUS 260 Financial Accounting Jones, Mike Portland  
BUS 260 Financial Accounting Weidinger, Alois Online HTML
BUS 261 Managerial Accounting Purtell, Jerry Online PDF
BUS 321 Principles of Marketing Daaboul, Malek Portland PDF
BUS 340 Business Law I Farag, Denise Online PDF
BUS 341 Financial Management Bauer, Deborah Online PDF
BUS 364 Intermediate Accounting II Boehlke, James Portland cancelled
BUS 364 Intermediate Accounting II Edwards, Jeff Online PDF
BUS 364 Intermediate Accounting II Faria, Jeanine Bend  
BUS 364 Intermediate Accounting II Moha, Carla Online HTML
BUS 405 Human Resource Management Hirons, Tom Salem cancelled
BUS 407 Organizational Behavior Hirons, Thomas Salem HTML
BUS 408 Labor Legislation Cowan, Craig Online HTML
BUS 426 International Marketing Andrews, Sally Online HTML
BUS 430 Management of Human Relations Lamberton, Lowell Online HTML
BUS 436 Global Perspectives on Law and Ethics Coduto, Jim Online HTML
BUS 447 Investments McCaffery, James Online HTML
BUS 461 Cost Accounting Daoust, Robert Online HTML
BUS 461 Cost Accounting Faria, Jeanine Bend PDF
BUS 484 Operations Research Daaboul, Malek Online HTML
BUS 495 Strategic Management Kiehl, Sandie Online HTML
BUS/PSY 380 Industrial Organizational Psychology Bell, Eugene Portland  
CSC 302/305 Software Engineering I Dwomoh-Tweneboah, Martin McMinnville PDF
ECO 210 Principles of Economics Gilbarg, Paul Portland cancelled
ECO 210 Principles of Economics Grant, Randy Online PDF
ENG 306 Diverse Voices in Literary Expression Jensen, Sandra Online PDF
ENG 316 Creative Writing: Poetry Drake, Barbara Online HTML
ENG 376 Exploring Language Depweg, Dale Online HTML
ENV 102 Human Ecology: Human Adaptations and the New Global Order Love, Tom Online HTML
ENV/PHI 306 Environmental Ethics Vogt, Blaine Online PDF
HST 200 Modern China Sagers, John Online PDF
HST 257 The Pacific Northwest Ritter, John Online HTML
HST 316 History of Mexico Ritter, John Portland PDF
HST 490 Research Boas, Jack McMinnville  
IDS 008 Linfield Entry Colloquium Sukalac, Ann Online HTML
IDS 090 Global Issues Forum Alexander, Christina Online HTML
IDS 320 History of Western Thought I Stotts, Alexandra Online HTML
IDS 490 Arts and Humanities Research Project Millar, William McMinnville  
MAT 115 Intermediate Algebra Daaboul, Malek Online HTML
MAT 151 Introduction to Finite Mathematics Meda, Gowri Online HTML
MAT 152 Finite Mathematics and Calculus Daaboul, Malek Portland PDF
MLC 212 Survey of East Asian Culture/3 - IA, DG Keaveney, Chris Online PDF
PSY 203 Aggression in Children Golletz, Kimberley Online HTML
PSY 490 Research Project Carlson, Roger McMinnville  
REL 120 Old Testament Millar, William Online HTML
REL 303 Religious Quest I Anderson, Richard Portland PDF
REL 380 Buddhism Bemis, Kate Online HTML
SOA 323 Native Americans of Oregon Alexander, Christina Online HTML
SOA 490 Research/Thesis Vogt, Blaine McMinnville  
SOC 299 Sociology of Addiction Penkin, Debra Online HTML