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Blackboard Online Learning System

An effective online learning system that helps a student manage and track various courses and college resources is a great benefit to help anyone organize their life. In this video Michelle discusses Blackboard, the online system employed by Linfield College, and the various tools that are available to help her as an adult college student working to earn her online social sciences degree.

“The Blackboard is an on-line system that Linfield uses. It has a password that you create and as you enter into the blackboard system, there is a variety of different tabs that you can use. One tab allows you to access the Linfield Library and another section that has documents for journals, medical journals, sociological journals, documents that you will need for writing important papers, thesis, etc. Another option that you will have is to be able to access your own transcript.  You also will be able to look at your own financials, when your financial aid comes in, how the money is being used.  There are also sections about financial aid, and then there will be a classroom blackboard section. As you enter that, your classes are listed and you get to click on to each one of those classes.  On those classes there will be a round of other new tabs and some of those tabs are the syllabi for that class, or you can print that out in the beginning and always be able to access that. There are also weekly formats that get placed up for weekly assignments, things that are due, the calendar, the class calendar. There is a tab called discussions.”