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A Guide to Online College for Adults

Online College GuideAs more and more people look to online education to fulfill long-held dreams or to meet workplace demands, questions arise. How does online learning differ from face-to-face learning? What kinds of courses are available online? Are the college degrees earned through online courses well respected and recognized?

This guide presents a comprehensive and detailed picture of what online learning is and what to expect in an online college environment. By answering some common questions and by debunking some prevailing myths about online learning, this guide enables adult learners to become truly informed decision makers, fully prepared to transform their lives and their communities.

A Guide to Online College for Adults

Kate Bemis, Ph.D., Dean, Director of Continuing Education, 1997 – 2012
Janet Gifford, M.Div., Associate Director, Division of Continuing Education
Richard Pelletier, Principal,

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