Online Social and Behavioral Sciences Degree

100% Online degree programHigher education for the adult learner is more important than ever! To respond to this need, Linfield College is proud to offer a bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences for the adult student with the option of taking all of the classes required online. This degree program employs a variety of delivery formats to overcome barriers you encounter in accessing higher education – work schedules, proximity to a college, responsibilities to family. You can complete all of the courses in the social and behavioral sciences degree through online classes. This allows you to achieve your educational goals via the technological innovations available to us.

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Social and Behavioral Sciences Course Overview

Selecting Your Fields of Study: Linfield offers courses applicable to the major in Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology, and selected courses in the field of Human Resource Management from the Business Department. In this multi-disciplinary major, you have the opportunity to select two or three academic departments as your fields of study. You will learn how social science professionals formulate and answer questions in your chosen fields. Personal interests, career and educational goals will help you decide which departments to select with guidance from your Academic Advisor.

Popular combinations of fields of study in this major are: While building knowledge and skill in two or three fields of study, you will plan to complete the major through a senior level research methods course and a research project.
Sociology/Anthropology and Psychology
History, Political Science, and Economics
Sociology/Anthropology and History
To review courses for Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology, and Human Resource Management, click here.

Program Overview

The skills and knowledge that you will gain through this multi-disciplinary Social Science Degree provide excellent preparation for careers in many high demand fields:

Because of Linfield's strong liberal arts tradition, courses focus on the historical, theoretical, and philosophical foundations of each field. You will apply major theoretical approaches and methodologies of social scientists in a capstone senior project. The techniques taught in the social sciences emphasize how to learn and express yourself clearly and accurately.

How much is this going to cost and how long will it take?

Two of the most common questions we hear from every prospective student. Not surprisingly the answer is dependent on how many classes you need to take to complete your degree and how much time you can dedicate to completing them. For more detailed information, click here or contact a Linfield Advisor for a free "How Much & How Long" analysis.

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