Business Information Systems Degree

$101,580 median annual earnings of B.I.S. managers - US Department of Labor Bureau of LaborA bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems from Linfield prepares you to meet the challenges and complexities of the information systems and business world. Government research indicates that the employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2016. Job opportunities will be best for applicants with a strong understanding of business and good communication skills – both areas of expertise gained through the Linfield degree requirements. Salaries in this field exceed the average – the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that earnings for computer and information systems managers vary by specialty and level of responsibility, but are higher than many other occupations. Median annual earnings of B.I.S. managers in May 2006 were $101,580. The middle 50 percent earned between $79,240 and $129,250.

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Business Information Systems Course Overview

To fulfill major requirements in the degree, a student must complete the courses listed below plus statistics and calculus:

Computer Science required courses: Economics and Business required courses:
COMP 101 Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology BUSN 260 Financial Accounting
COMP 152 Programming and Object StructuresBUSN 261 Managerial Accounting
COMP 250 Database Program DevelopmentBUSN 301 Management
COMP 302 Software Engineering I (MWI)BUSN 321 Marketing
COMP 302 Software Engineering IBUSN 341 Financial Management
COMP 310 Networks & Web Application Development ECON 210 Principles of Economics
COMP/BUSN 382 Management Information Systems  
COMP 400 Applied Software Development Project 
In addition, students choose either:  
BUSN 340 Business Law and BUSN 495 Strategic Management  
BUSN 404 Operations Management and BUSN 484 Operations Researchmore

Program Overview

The major in Business Information Systems is an interdepartmental program combining studies in computer information systems from Linfield's Department of Computer Science with management courses from the Department of Business. The curriculum, based on the Data Processing Management Association model, places strong emphasis on business problem solving through systematic analysis and management of the system development process. You can complete all of the courses in the business information systems degree through online classes, with the exception of 4 Computer Science courses.. The four Computer Science lab courses meet on a schedule of weekends spaced about 3 – 4 weekends apart on the McMinnville, OR campus. This allows you to achieve your educational goals via the technological innovations available to us.

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