Computer Information Systems Certificate

The Computer Information Certificate is designed to prepare professionals who want to change careers to the computer field or upgrade their skills to keep up with new technologies in the computer industry. All programs are taught by highly skilled IT Professionals in state-of-the art labs on the Linfield College campus in McMinnville, Oregon, with the latest versions of industry strength software. Upon completion of the Certificate Program graduates will gain the hands-on-experience and skills that are needed to build a career, or enhance their opportunities for advancement at their current jobs.

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Computer Information Systems Course Overview

To fulfill major requirements in the degree, a student must complete the courses listed below:

COMP 101 Fundamentals of Information Systems Technology
COMP 152 Programming and Object Structures 
Plus completion of one of the following tracks: 
Software Engineering Track:Web Application Development Track:
COMP 302 Software Engineering ICOMP 302 Software Engineering I
COMP 310 Networks & Web Application Development Or
COMP 400 Applied Software Development ProjectCOMP 250 Database Program Development
Database Administration Track: COMP 310 Network & Web Application Development
COMP 250 Database Program Development COMP 400 Applied Software Development Project
COMP 450 Advanced Database Concepts

Program Overview

The program focuses on three main areas of Information Technology:
Software Engineering
Database Administration
Web Application Development

COMP 101 is the first course to be completed in the certificate and is an online course. All of the other courses in the certificate meet for class on a weekend format on the McMinnville campus in the Computer Science labs. Each weekend consists of two days of instruction, Saturday and Sunday, followed by take home assignments to be completed before the next class session a few weekends later. Each lab-based course meets on 3-4 weekends, spaced out over the 10-14 weeks of the semester. Each student is provided with industry strength software to install on their home computers, which match the software they use in the computer science lab during the class sessions.

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