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Meet our professors

The Linfield College Adult Degree Program prides itself on offering our students access to some of the best instructors in the country. Our professors are passionate and inspiring experts in their field. We have assembled a selection of our professors here to give you an insight into the experience of being a student at Linfield College.

Dialogue with Islam

William Millar
Religious Studies

Women's Participation in the Arab Spring

Dawn Nowacki
Political Science

Envisioning Suburban Sustainability

Scott Vandehey
Sociology & Anthropology

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Janet Peterson
Health, Human Performance & Athletics

College Is an Intersection, Not a Destination

Jeff Peterson
Sociology & Anthropology

Marketing Intelligence

Malek Daaboul
Marketing & Mathematics

The Economics of the Middle East

Eric Schuck

The Importance of Listening When Creating Public Art

Ron Mills
Art & Visual Culture

Internationalization of Accounting Standards

Richard Emery