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Online Marketing Certificate

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The online Marketing Certificate at Linfield is intended to give you an overview of the marketing discipline.  Our program is designed to meet the needs of someone who is new to marketing as well as someone looking to broaden their knowledge of this fast moving field of study.  Ideal for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or individuals who have already earned a bachelor’s degree, the Marketing Certificate is a good alternative to a marketing degree.  The certificate focuses on market research, planning and communication strategy development.  The Linfield Marketing Certificate can be completed in its entirety online.  With consistent access to the Internet you have the ability to complete your entire course of study from anywhere in the world.

If your interest extends to earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing instead of just a certificate, learn more about Linfield College’s online Marketing Degree

Linfield College is a non-profit, independent institution, accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

A Certificate in Marketing requires the completion of four courses:

BNMK 321 Marketing (Required)
 The elements of marketing emphasizing the managerial considerations in planning market strategies. Target markets, buyer behavior, product parameters, price promotion, and distribution. 4 credits.

After completion of BNMK 321 (or the equivalent) the student chooses three classes from the following:

BNMG 420 Sales and Sales Management 
Introductory study in sales management, exploring the variables of sales motivation and performance to specify their interrelationships.  4 credits.

BNMG 421 Promotions Management 
Introduction to the management and strategies of advertising. Decision sequence framework used in developing an effective advertising campaign: situational analysis, objectives and positioning, strategies, and budgeting. 4 credits.

BNMK 426 International Marketing 
International marketing for multinational enterprise; economic, political, and cultural environments; international marketing research, product adaptation, pricing strategies, communications, and distribution channels; international logistics, promotion, organization and control, marketing services, and counter trade. 4 credits.

BNMK 427 Topics in Marketing 
Selected topics in marketing using small group discussions. Student participation. Open to juniors and seniors pursuing a major or minor in business. May be repeated with consent of instructor when the marketing topic is essentially different. Prerequisite: 321. 4 credits

Curriculum Plan for Fall Entry
Marketing Certificate

Fall  Spring Summer  Fall 
BNMK 321 BNMK 421 BNMK 427 BNMK 420
4 credits 4 credits 4 credits 4 credits

Curriculum Plan for Spring Entry
Marketing Certificate

Spring Summer  Fall  Spring 
BNMK 321 BNMK 427 BNMK 420 and
BNMK 426
BNMK 421
4 credits 4 credits 4-8 credits 4 credits

"Fast Track" Curriculum Plan for Fall Entry
Marketing Certificate*

Fall  Spring  Summer 
BNMK 420 BNMK 421 BNMK 427
4 credits 4 credits 4 credits

* Must have completed BNMK 321 or equivalent.

Linfield’s Marketing Certificate complements a Bachelor’s degree and with the exception of majors in Marketing, the two credentials may be earned simultaneously at Linfield. However, a student is not required to be in a Bachelor’s degree program to earn the Marketing Certificate. Your Linfield Academic Advisor can assist you in planning the best program for your particular needs.

Students can complete the Marketing Certificate online within 12 months, depending on the number of classes taken per term. To view a list of Linfield’s upcoming courses, check out our Year Long Plan

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Unsure of what pursuing an Online Marketing Certificate would entail? Read our Guide to Online College for Adults.

“To list the certificate on a resume shows that I have an in depth understanding of sales/marketing methodologies.”

Linfield Marketing Certificate Grad