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Online Management Degree/Online Human Resource Management Certificate

You can complete a bachelor's degree in management or a certificate in human resources management online through Linfield College. All the courses in the bachelor’s degree in management and the certificate in human resource management are offered online by the Linfield Adult Degree Program. This allows you to achieve your educational goals via the technological innovations available to us.

A management degree or human resources management certificate empowers its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to positively impact a business whether as a department manager or business owner. Linfield College graduates have found opportunities in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. Linfield offers one of the most convenient, affordable management degrees available, with generous transfer credit for previous college courses.

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Online Management Degree Program Overview

The Linfield Department of Business believes that education is a life-long process in which higher education has an important part. The focus of the Department’s courses and programs provides you with a sound basic education in business, accounting, and management, within the broader context of a liberal arts education.

A bachelor's degree in management from Linfield prepares you to meet the challenges and complexities of the business world. Government research indicates that the value of a four-year degree has continued to increase. The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics report of wage and salary workers by educational attainment released in April 2011 showed that adults 25 years and over with a bachelor's degree earned an average of $59,800 annually, while those with a high school diploma earned $32,916. Graduates in management will find opportunities in the profit and non-profit sector, as well as private industry and governmental agencies.

Online Management Course Overview

As an alternative to the management degree, the Human Resource Management Certificate requires four courses, those numbered 301 and 405 plus two of the following: 380, 407, 436. For purposes of meeting the college’s residency requirement, the Business Department requires that 15 credits in the major be in courses numbered 341 and above.  

BNAC 260 Financial Accounting Two Linfield Management Electives selected from the following:
BNAC 261 Managerial Accounting BNMG 407 Organizational Behavior
BNMG 301 Management BNMG 410 International Management
BNMK 321 Marketing BNMG 415 Business, Ethics & Society
BNSS 340 Business Law BNMG 423 Entrepreneurship
BNMG 341 Financial Management BNMG 436* Topics in Management
BNMG 405 Human Resource Management BNSS 440 Business Law II
BNSS 495 Strategic Management (MWI) BNSS 480** Independent Study
ECON 210 Principles of Economics BNSS 487** Internship

*may be repeated with different content
**with instructor approval

More information about the Online Management Degree

Online Human Resource Management Certificate

Linfield's Human Resource Management Certificate gives students a comprehensive overview of the human resources field. Students can be newcomers to human resources or someone with experience seeking to keep current in the field or expand their knowledge base. A manager or entrepreneur will find this program valuable in incorporating best practices of human resource management into their business. A Certificate in Human Resource Management can make an excellent alternative to seeking a management degree. Courses focus on management process and human resource management issues. All classes for the Human Resource Management Certificate Program can be completed online. With consistent access to the Internet you have the ability to complete your entire course of study from anywhere in the world. Linfield is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and is a private, non-profit college. 

More information about the Human Resource Management Certificate

Why Choose Linfield College?

Linfield is one of the first colleges in the West and was chartered in 1858. The college is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities as a non-profit, independent institution. Linfield has received praise in recent years by The Washington Post, Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Monthly, Huffington Post, Princeton Review and U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges.”  Forbes named Linfield one of the nation’s “Top Colleges,” with special recognition for quality of teaching and student satisfaction. Linfield pioneered online education in the Pacific Northwest and now serves a virtual learning community of adult students logged in from around the globe. The advantages of Linfield's adult degree program are:

  • Desirable faculty to student ratio of 1 : 14
  • Convenient methods of class delivery
  • Affordable costs, comparable to state schools
  • Academic advising support and financial aid assistance
  • Online academic tutoring services
  • Superior research and library assistance 
  • Career planning assistance


How much is this going to cost and how long will it take?

 Two of the most common questions we hear from every prospective student. Not surprisingly the answer is dependent on how many classes you need to take to complete your degree and how much time you can dedicate to completing them.

Answers to your questions about cost and time to complete the Online Human Resource Management Certificate 

Can I receive credit for previous college work?

Absolutely! Most academic college classes that you have taken from an accredited community college or four year college or university; for which you received a grade of “C” or higher, will count towards your bachelor’s degree. Our academic advisors will review all transcripts and will work with you to transfer as many credit as possible.

What about experience? I own my own business—shouldn’t that count for something?

We have a program that awards credit for knowledge gained on the job or through volunteer activities called credit for prior learning (CPL). You will work closely with an instructor to decide what courses you will challenge and assemble a portfolio to present prior learning demonstrated through experience. Your academic advisor can tell you more about this program.

What are the General Education requirements in a Linfield bachelor’s degree?

The general education is called the Linfield Curriculum and stresses wide exposure to the ways that educated individuals, be they scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, or ethicists, engage ideas, articulate choices and assert opinions. The Linfield Curriculum consists of an Inquiry Seminar (college writing), seven courses in the Modes of Inquiry, two courses in Diversity Studies, and a Writing-Intensive course in each major. Courses taken to satisfy the Linfield Curriculum also complete requirements in one or more areas of each student’s major.  

How many credits will it take to finish my degree?

The requirement for a bachelor’s degree from Linfield College is a cumulative total of 125 semester credits, which includes the Major, Linfield Curriculum, and electives. Credits that you completed at accredited community colleges and four-year colleges and universities count toward this total. A minimum of 30 credits in the degree must be completed at Linfield. Your advisor will work with you to maximize your previous college and work experiences, and provide a suggested academic plan to finish your program in the major you choose.

I’d like to find out more. What is the next step?

Please contact us and one of our knowledgeable admissions and enrollment specialists will be in touch with you shortly.