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TRANSFER GUIDE 2013 - 2014
Lower Columbia College

Working and going to school? Transfer to Linfield College and finish a bachelor’s degree. Linfield will accept 108 quarter credits of community college coursework with grades of C or better. This equals 72 semester credits of the 125 cumulative semester credits that you need to graduate from Linfield College.

Bachelor’s Degrees are offered online in Accounting, Business Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing and RN to BSN.

If you complete an Associate in Arts—Direct Transfer Agreement (AA-DTA; WA) degree, you will need to take at most two Linfield Curriculum courses from two of four categories (as stipulated by the Registrar): Ultimate Questions (UQ), Vital Past (VP), Global Pluralisms (GP), and U.S. Pluralisms (US). In addition, students must complete the upper-division course requirement from any of the six Modes of Inquiry.

To apply and become admitted to the online bachelor’s degree program at Linfield, request an official copy of your transcript to be mailed to: Linfield College, Adult Degree Program, 900 SE Baker St., McMinnville, OR 97128-6894. You will receive an admission letter and Transfer Credit Evaluation showing your credits awarded.

Accounting, Business Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing Majors

Linfield College Courses You Can Meet This Requirement With:
BNAC 260 Financial Accounting ACCT& 201 and &202
BNAC 261 Managerial Accounting ACCT& 203
BNMG 301 Management  BUS 245
BNMK 321 Marketing BUS 264
BNSS 340 Business Law I BUS& 201
ECON 210 Principles of Economics ECON& 201 and &202
MATH 160 or 162 Finite Math with Calculus MATH& 148
MATH 140 Introduction to Statistics BUS 206 or MATH 210

General Education Transfer Guide for Lower Columbia College
The following courses are graduation requirements for students earning the first bachelor's degree. They are waived for the second bachelor's degree.

The Linfield Curriculum Requirement is Semester Hours Required You Can Meet This Requirement With:
One 4 or 5 quarter credit course or two 3 quarter
Inquiry Seminar* (INQS) 4 ENGL& 101 and 102 (both are required) or ENGL& 101 and 235
Vital Past (VP) 3 ART 226-228; 
ENGL 251, 252, 260; History courses; MUSC 136-138
Creative Studies (CS) 3 ART, MUSC, DRMA courses; ENGL (literature classes)
Ultimate Questions (UQ) 3 HUM 210; PHIL& 101, 210, 260
Individuals, Systems, & Societies (IS) 3 ECON; ANTH& 206; POLS; PSYC& 100, 200; SOC& 101
Natural World (NW) 3 BIOL, CHEM, ASTR, ERSI 104, 105, 109; ENVS; GEOL, OCNG; PHYS; ANTH& 205
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) 3 BUS 206; MATH 210; ECON& 201, 202; some science
U.S. Pluralisms (US) 3 Courses with US content such as SOC& 101, 225; MUSC 119, 209; ANTH 109
Global Pluralisms (GP) 3 Courses with global content such as ANTH& 206, ENG 280, HUM& 110, MUSC 117, SPCH 109
Upper-Division Course 3 One non-major 300- or 400-level course, in any of the 6 modes of inquiry: CS, IS, NW, QR, UQ, or VP. Not available at community college. To be completed at Linfield.

*A student entering Linfield with fewer than 30 transferable semester credits must complete INQS at Linfield. A student entering Linfield with at least 30 credits may need to provide documentation that transfer course(s) fulfilling similar learning outcomes to INQS were taken after high school graduation or, if taken before high school graduation, that the course(s) were taken in a regular college setting. A student entering Linfield with an earned Associate Transfer Degree (such as the AAOT or ASOT-B) will be considered to have met the INQS Requirement.

Courses used to fulfill Linfield Curriculum requirements must be at least 3 quarter credit hours.

Students who are interested in transferring to Linfield College as full time students on the McMinnville campus should call 800-640-2287.