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Linfield Announces 2013 Graduates’ Survey Results

McMinnville, Ore – Dec 23, 2013 – Linfield College announces the release of the 2013 Linfield Adult Degree Program (ADP) Graduates’ Survey. After being graded on their performance as students, the 2013 graduates of Linfield’s ADP gave high marks to the private non-profit regionally accredited college where they earned their bachelor’s degree.

The 2013 Graduates’ Survey reveals both quantitative and qualitative data on the students’ experience in Linfield’s online bachelor’s degree program.

94% of the graduates who completed the survey reported that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the teaching they received as Linfield College students.

93% reported the Adult Degree Program to be academically stimulating.

87% of respondents said their original expectations; to acquire in-depth knowledge in a particular field were fulfilled through their online learning experience at Linfield.

Many adults who return to college are motivated by expectations of career advancement and graduate school after achieving a bachelor’s degree. How well did Linfield deliver on these expectations?

81% of the respondents report their Linfield experience fulfilled or exceeded their expectations to develop relevant career skills.

86% agreed with the statement, “I’m well prepared for professional work,” and 85% agreed, “I’m well prepared for further study after Linfield.”

A graduate of the online Business Information Systems major observed, “The demand for the type of work this major provides is rapidly increasing.”

An accounting degree graduate said, “A major strength of Linfield’s program is the job marketability (of the degree) in all states.”

The graduates were also asked to provide a “before and after” measurement of their academic and personal development gains from their experience at Linfield.


84% reported that their abilities to think critically and analyze effectively were moderately or greatly enhanced.


80% reported they have developed increased abilities to formulate creative and original ideas to a moderate or greatly enhanced extent.


76% - 80% report that their ability to write effectively and to use quantitative tools was either moderately or greatly enhanced by the online bachelor’s degree program.


An online management degree graduate called out the strengths of the major program: “The capstone course and instructor through the simulation, projects, and memo writing assignments, developed my over-all, applicable understanding of business and increased my confidence in managing in real world situations.”


While many college graduates report gains in their academic abilities, the ADP graduates also reported gains in personal development to apply throughout their lives, such as; enhanced intellectual self-confidence (77%), enhanced abilities to understand others (70%), to establish a course of action to accomplish goals (72%), and nurtured an interest in lifelong learning (78%).

The Linfield faculty teaching in the Adult Degree Program received high marks for their teaching, and managing of an online learning environment.

A graduate of the online accounting degree said, “The instructors are competent and well-versed in teaching in an online environment.”

84% of respondents agreed, “the faculty are interested in my welfare,” and an astounding 94% agreed, “the Linfield faculty encourage different points of view.”

Online RN to BSN degree graduates gave high marks to “well-qualified instructors with current nursing experience, the nursing curriculum and the online library services.”

Many comments reported by the graduates reveal their high degree of satisfaction with having achieved a bachelor’s degree at Linfield College.  “With my degree from a highly respected college, I believe I have greater opportunities for advancement in my professional career,” said a recent grad.

Another graduate stated, “I’m so happy that my friend convinced me to choose Linfield.”

Another alumni of one of Linfield’s online college programs said, “The Adult Degree Program was amazing.  I received a solid education while still being able to take care of my family.”

The 2013 Linfield College Graduates’ Survey provides feedback that Linfield faculty and administrators utilize to improve instruction and student services. The results also provide the public with a view from the inside, on how Linfield College is performing through the eyes of its most recent graduates.

About the Linfield College Adult Degree Program

Chartered in 1858, Linfield College is one of the first colleges in the Pacific Northwest and is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The Adult Degree Program offers adults the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree or certificate online in ten fields of study.

Online programs offered by Linfield College Adult Degree Program include an online management degree, business information systems degree, accounting degree, online marketing degree, RN to BSN degree and international business degree and certificates in human resource management, post baccalaureate accounting, computer information systems, and marketing.